Drinkin' and Dialin'

Album: Learn to Live (2008)
  • Darius Rucker (from his record label's website): "It was inspired by [songwriter] Chris Stapleton. We were talking about how much he loves to call people when he's drunk, and he'll either be really sweet or he'll cuss them out. When I used to drink I did that, too. That song wasn't written so much about my view of life now; it's more where I was six or seven years ago, in the middle of being a rock star. I don't feel like one any more and that's a good thing. The Jammer mentioned in the song is one of my best friend's bars in Charleston. That's one thing that I really want to express in my country career: I want to give my music a sense of place and who I am. I'm from Charleston. I want people to know that in the same way that they know George Strait is from Texas, or Bruce Springsteen is from New Jersey."


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