Best of Both Worlds

Album: Sounds Like Life (2009)


  • Happily married, Darryl Worley wrote this song about his wife, Kimberly. With all the warm, fuzzy feelings that love brings, the song ended up just schmaltzy and romantic enough to melt female hearts throughout the world.
    Writing it was an interesting experience, however, and not one Darryl had ever tried before. In our interview with Darryl Worley, he told us: "I was sitting in my living room just downstairs in our home at the farm," Worley says, describing the songwriting session. "Our little farmhouse down in west Tennessee, I have a cow farm down there. One of my producers (Jim Brown) was down and we were co-writing, and it was funny, because I was writing a song about my wife and she was in the kitchen. It's just all one big room downstairs. And she was right there making us something to eat for lunch, and we were writing this song about her, and she'd come over, lean over our shoulder every now and then and go, 'Hmmm, I like that.' I've never really done that before with the person that you're writing about walking around in the same room. That's a little bit odd, I guess. But it worked out okay."
  • Working its way up the charts, according to Darryl this song was doing nicely, "and the female audience was definitely more into it than probably anything I've ever released." Then suddenly, inexplicably, it started a nosedive and quickly fell off the charts completely. But that's something that happens in the world of music. "It's one of those things," Darryl philosophizes. "That's the way the business is. They don't all go to the top."
  • Darryl and the former Kimberly Perkins were married on December 2, 2007, and had their first baby, Savannah Gail, on March 24, 2008.
  • This song was the third single release on the Sounds Like Life album, and it peaked at #43 on the Country charts.


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