The Swiss Army Romance

Album: The Swiss Army Romance (2000)


  • The title track to the first Dashboard Confessional album, this song is about teenage girls trying to grow up fast. They wear makeup and tight jeans and use fake IDs when really they're very unsure of themselves and putting on an act. Chris Carrabba wrote the song because he felt like girls were missing the best years of their lives because they wanted to act older than they were. >>
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    Kerry - New York, NY
  • In live versions of this song, Carrabba sometimes changes the lyric to the first person: "I'm dying to look cool with my tattoos, but I'm searching just like everyone, I swear I could be anyone."
  • Carrabba would sometimes dedicate this song to the fans who came out to see his shows before he was popular.

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  • Paige from Avondale, PaThis song is about teenage girls. It's about how much they care about what other people think, so they "get out fake eyelashes...and fake id's...its cool to take these chances...and grow up fast...". This song is saying they pretend to be older and more mature so they lie about things when they really are just covering up something else, like fear to be themselves.
  • Renee from Saint John, CanadaThis is one of my favorite Dashboard songs. The lyrics are amazing.
  • Tom from Jamestown, NyChris, from San Diego, "emo" is short for "emotional hardcore." It's any kind of guitar-driven alternative rock that expresses emotion beyond punk's limited range of alientation and rage.
  • Shindoakari from Medan, Indonesiadashboard!!!cried everytime i listened to his song...*sniff*
  • Ariel from Woodbridge, Cti just found a must read for any Dashboard/any other "emo" fans- its called Nothing Feels Good, and Chris says in it that the title "Swiss Army Romance" refers to "her-well, actually to people like us, our relationship just got to this point where it was all...neutral. totally neutral. just like the Swiss Army."
  • Kerry from New York, Nythis song isn't about a romance, actually. i've talked to him about it at shows *and* read it in interviews. it's about teenage girls who rush ahead to act grown up, missing the greatest part of their life (youth). instead they wear makeup and get fake ids and try so hard to be grown up when really they're just as lost as everyone else.
  • Billy from Pittsburgh, PaWhen I saw this title, I was tempted to assume that the meaning referred to slitting your wrists. You know, with a Swiss Army Knife, or something along those lines. I mean, this is emo...
  • Annabeth from Kutztown, PaI got the idea that it's about a girl who's very young, still in high school, maybe, who goes up to the college nearby and pretends to be older and more experienced than she is, cuz she's trying to be cool. ("Get out your fake eyelashes and your fake i.d.s," "college nights will draw the crowds," "it's cool to take these chances, it's cool to fake romances and grow up fast.") Also, I think it might have to do with her trying to grow up and be an adult.
  • Ariel from Woodbridge, Ctthe title Swiss Army Romance, does not mean "Non-Existient", nor does it refer to the Swiss Army knife in fact the Swiss army is one of the best armies in the world, it means pointless and neutral.
  • Meg from Worcester, MaIt seems as if it's about a relationship he had with a girl who was very a result, any "love" that they may have had mut have turned out to be fake as well. What I get from it is a deep description of a girl that tells a lot of lies about herself, and isn't true to herself, in order to be cool and have tons of friends. He must know the real her, and must have wanted her to act like her real self. She probably didn't want to stop acting popular, so he deserts her and nothing real ever happened.
  • Alison from Fairfield, Ctchris is the man, i mean, his poetry is so freaking good
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