Chris DaughtryVocals, guitar
Josh PaulBass
Josh SteelyGuitar
Brian CraddockGuitar
Joey BarneDrums2006-2010
Robin DiazDrums2010-
  • Daughtry and Craddock knew each other since 1997, while Josh Paul and Josh Steely were discovered in an audition and Robin Diaz came to replace former drummer Joey Barne.
  • Chris Daughtry was the favorite to win Season 5 of American Idol, but in one of the most shocking upsets in the show's history, he was voted off and finished fourth. The judges loved him, and he quickly got a record deal, choosing to front the band instead of becoming a solo artist. Regarding lending his name to the band, he said: "We could've come out with a really obscure name, but coming from the TV show and having name recognition, it was easier just to go with my last name. Steel Dragon would have been great. Rainbow Butt Monkeys would have also been great, but that was taken."
  • Daughtry's 2006 debut album was a monster: backed by the promotional power of Clive Davis and his Sony BMG Music Entertainment, it was the biggest-selling rock release two years in a row and the fastest-selling rock debut in Soundscan history.
  • The band's second album Leave This town (2009) is the actual debut of Daughtry as a band, with all five members taking part. The first album Daughtry features only Chris Daughtry, since he didn't have enough time to form the band and recorded the album with studio musicians.
  • Frontman Chris Daughtry cites two major influences: Live and Soundgarden.
  • Chris Daughtry has been married to his wife Deanna since November 11, 2000. The title track of Break The Spell and the Baptized song "Wild Heart" were both written about her.
  • When he decided to name his band after himself, Daughtry quipped: "Steel Dragon would have been great. Rainbow Butt Monkeys would have also been great, but that was taken."
  • Daughtry was asked by band members of the Rock band Fuel to join their group in 2006 after he sang their hit single "Hemmorhage (In My Hands)" on American Idol. At the time, Brett Scallions left the band due to personal reasons, and they were looking for a new singer. He declined and Toryn Green eventually filled the spot. >>
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