The Space Between

Album: Everyday (2001)
Charted: 35 22


  • Matthews, who writes a lot of songs based on the emotions that come with love, told MTV this is about "that connection we can never make. It's accepting that we're basically alone. That's kind of what life is about, trying to bridge the gap that's between us."
  • The first three Dave Matthews Band albums were produced by Steve Lillywhite, who encouraged improvisation in the studio to simulate their live sound. This approach worked very well until they went to work on their fourth album, which turned into a slog. Matthews wasn't happy with the songs they worked up, so he scrapped them and brought in producer Glen Ballard to start work on a new set of songs.

    Without the band, Matthews flew to Los Angeles (not his favorite place) to create songs with Ballard in the same studio where Ballard worked with Alanis Morissette on her albums Jagged Little Pill and Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. They were hoping to get one or two songs written to kickstart the album, but the pair clicked and wrote the entire album - 12 songs - in a span of 10 days. When the band came to LA from their home base of Charlottesville, Virginia, to record them, Matthews and Ballard already had the songs demoed, so they knew exactly what to play. This took their usual jamming out of the process but made them much more focused and efficient, with every song clocking in around four minutes long.

    "The Space Between" was the album's second single, following the crunchy "I Did It." Everyday, like the previous DMB album, Before These Crowded Streets, went to #1 in America and also lifted the cloud that had formed over Matthews as he struggled to make the album with Lillywhite. The following year, that abandoned album was revived and released as Busted Stuff. It also went to #1.
  • In a Songfacts interview with Glen Ballard, he talked about this song. "It's probably an apology - that's the way I see it," said Ballard. "It's telling the person who is most vivid in your life, whenever we've been apart, I want to make sure that we're back together."

    "What I love most about songwriting is a kind of specific ambiguity," he added. "You can provide people with a lot of imagery, a very strong point of view, but everybody might take their own view of it."
  • This was the first Top 40 hit for the Dave Matthews Band, and their only song to chart in the UK, where it reached #35.
  • The group performed "The Space Between" and "I Did It" when they were musical guests on Saturday Night Live for the February 24, 2001 episode.
  • The video shows the band performing on a dock with some surreal-looking smokestacks in the distance. It was directed by Dave Meyers, who also did the "I Did It" video.
  • That's Jaime Pressly holding the baby in the video. Before landing a starring role in the TV series My Name Is Earl, she appeared some music videos - you can also spot her in "Girl Of Summer" by Aerosmith and "Tainted Love" by Marilyn Manson.

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  • Sabrina from ConnecticutI always felt like this song was about him being in love with someone who was very hesitant to let him in, to let love in.
    She had been hurt many times before and she was afraid to let her guard down. The space between being when her true self would shine through, with no fear. He would sit and wait for any glimpse, taking in all she had to give never to give up on love. Till he says lets go your safe with me, love is all we need we will get through anything.
  • Christiana from IndianaIt’s a husband asking for a few precious moments from his wife.
    He’s confused by the stilted conversation about things that aren’t important, like “Will it rain today?” They have wasted so much time talking and fighting and blowing up at each other.
    But, he loves her. And when he says “Take my hand and we’re walking out of here” he’s not only rescuing her, but also rescuing their marriage.
    He wants to make up for all of the wasted time—and take her to a safe place. And that safe place is the space between their hearts.
  • Cate from Myrtle Beach, ScI feel like this song is about two people in love where one is battling their emotions because the other was unfaithful. It's caused so much turmoil and issues with trust. Arguments, pain, "firefights, bullets" meaning jabs at the cheater during arguing. He wants to stay...she wants to love and trust him. She doesn't know if she can. He waits for her to see if she can make it through the pain and trust him enough to be together. The "wicked lies we tell to keep safe from the pain" means she lies to herself to comfort her emotional distress and sugar coat her reality in that she's in love with someone she may never be able to trust again. And he knows he has lied to her. Maybe not everything has come out. Maybe he is in recovery from his lies, too...But cannot admit to it. So he keeps it all inside and creates z wall between them...which he wants to also get over. So he his pain. In his dishonesty...hiding it. Hoping it goes away on its own and dissipates...And hopes that she will get over it with time.
  • Keely from Grand Rapids, MiOur marriage was sooo over and we were there for the kids. My husband has expressed his interest in trying to reignite our marriage, while waiting for my response he suddenly died. This song took on a whole new meaning for me............
  • Rebekah from Jonestown, Tx, TxTo me this song is about struggling to keep a marriage/life partnership together, the bittersweet, the highs and lows of a relationship.
  • Emma from Caledonia, NyThis particular song, Baby Blue, and Crash Into Me pretty much make up my theme song! :D
  • David from Mechanicsburg, PaWhat a great song and outstanding musicianship. I was fortunate enough to cover this song. Thank you to those responsible for posting my vid, as shown above.
    - David, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Garrett from Pittsburgh, PaThis song definately is a powerful insiration to live your life to the fullest. Awesome Band man soo great.
  • Brian from Dekalb, Ili think the song reminds us that no matter what we do in life there will always be that space that we can never quite fill and it effects us in ways that we can never understand.
  • Andrew from Grand Forks, Ndthis song to me is about a guy that would do anything to stay in a relationship with his girlfiend..."i have all the time for you love". However the girl thinks its too little too late and already has one foot out the door. They are both tired of the games and lies and the relationship is getting to be too much work and to her she is so past caring that his new found efforts to care is just not enough to keep them together.
  • Bethany from Hamilton, OhI saw a documentary on The Dave Mathews Band, and he was saying his music is made to inspire people. He did an amazing job. And pretty much the lyrics mean whatever you hear them to be. Whatever personal is going on in your life at that moment will influence the meaning on the song. He is very poetic and loves what he does very much, and it shows.
  • Jake from Bloomington, InI think "The Space Between" refers to the difference between what we share with other people and what we keep to ourselves. There are things that everyone keeps to thereself and I think that Dave is trying to show that this separation we keep between us and the world needs to be taken down...we shouldn't need a barrier between us and the world.
  • Nicole from Portland, MeI would have to say that everyone who posted a comment about this song is right. I remember reading about an interview with Dave matthews and he was asked what a certain song was about and he said that to him now it meant something completely different than it does to him today. He said that everyone who hears a song will derive the meaning the need or want out of it, because we are all unique and all are presented with different obstacles and rewards and that is what shapes the meaning of a song. He saiys when he hears a song he wrote ten years ago on the radio or in the car or plays it at a show he sometimes will all the sudden be like wow that means this to me. Because he has chnaged and his outlook on the world has changed.
  • Jason from Gilbert, AzThis is according to "Matthews says 'The Space Between' is about 'that connection we can never make. It?s accepting that we?re basically alone. That?s kind of what life is about, trying to bridge the gap that?s between us.'

    Brilliant, beautiful song
  • Adam from Columbia, ScWell said Laura, Edmonton. I agree with you 100%
  • Corey Maller from Roslyn Heights, NyThe lyrics are amazing and I love the music video. Its such an emotional song.
  • Bill from Kaneohe, HiThis song was written in 2001, so why it would be overplayed in the 90's is beyond me.
  • Bill from Kaneohe, HiI think the music video is symbolic in some form. When the rain starts, the mother embraces her baby more and the couple in the back of the truck huddle closer. I think this represents that people can come closer together in sad times.
  • Madalyn from Greensburg, Padon't get me wrong i love dave mattews and the band i just hate this song it was so over played in the 90's and its just like umm bop...good at first ...but after 419, 396,732,475,613 times it gets old and meaning less...sorry no effence dave ...i love you other songs tho :)
  • Andrew from Marco Island, Fl"The space between the bullets in our fire fight is where I'll be hiding waiting for you"
    This song makes me cry, anyone who has ever suffered at the hands of a lover can relate in my opinion.
    Great song,
  • Tahnya from Plano, TxThis song reminds me of a couple who are waiting and waiting- whom the man is completely in love with a happily married woman and the happily married woman is love with the other man. It reminds me of the lies they would tell to eachother and to anyone else involved just... to fight to keep what they have going. It is about two people who would do anything to be together-but won't because they can't make it right.....Still they can't help it... even though they know it is a sin to ever even consider being together... So- finally in the end they just do the wrong thing and choose to be together no matter the consequenses because their love was so strong and right- even if everyone saw see it as wrong. It was really their only option in the end. just my opinion!
  • Javier from Klax, CaThis is coming in kinda late but i could not interpret better myself than Laura, from Edmonton.

    Its about a guy and a girl having problems in there relationship. They lie, and they play mind games. "The key to this whole song write here, is the true to all relatioships... "The tears we cry is the laughter keeps us coming back for more". This couldn't be more true about relationships in general; The fights,arguements,problems,anger and tears that people have in relationships, are the reason why people come back to eachother. People yearn to have those feelings, they yearn for the good and the bad, and thats what keeps people coming back for more in relationships. Dave matthews in genious."
    - Laura, Edmonton, - -
    Thanks Laura
  • Mackenzie from Blessington, Canadadave matthews may not be the absolute best guitarists of all time but i think he his definatly a really awsome one and i think he is one of the best poets....whos better I wanna know?
  • Norah from Cuernavaca, MexicoHola! I´m from Mexico and I really enjoy the music and lyrics of this Song; the meaning for me it's about a breaking relationship, when you just decide to stop the fighting with the person you still in love. Althoug the feelings stay deep inside, you know that to be separate is healthier for both; so you have to say "the space between your heart and mine is the space we'll fill with time"; I think that means that "maybe we´ll be together again, maybe we´ll forget each other, let the Time fix our hearts because I cant´t take it anymore"...It's to me a kind of hope of feeling better after the breakdown and resignation about things we cannot change... I lived this situation recently, so that's why this song is really special, everyone in a relationship whith tears and laughs can find identification. Un beso
  • Sam from Swannanoa, NcI think its about a gay guy. stuck in the closet ya know?
  • Laura from EdmontonIts about a guy and a girl having problems in there relationship. They lie, they mind games with eachother and because of it they have a "space Between" them. When he says "You cannot quit me so quickly,There's no hope in you for me.No corner you could squeeze me? But I got all the time for you, love" he's saying I wanna spend all my time with you, but you can't seem to fit me into your life. And the key to this whole song write here, is the true to all relatioships... "The tears we cry is the laughter keeps us coming back for more". This couldn't be more true about relationships in general; The fights,arguements,problems,anger and tears that people have in relationships, are the reason why people come back to eachother. People yearn to have those feelings, they yearn for the good and the bad, and thats what keeps people coming back for more in relationships.

    Dave matthews in genious.
  • Chris from San Diego, Cai totally agree with Jenie from Italy. when DAve says "The space between
    Where you smile and hide
    That's where you'll find me if I get to go
    The space between
    The bullets in our fire fight
    Is where I'll be hiding waiting for you"
    is about when you are fighting in your relationship and he is saying i am done fighting with you and when you are ready to move on you know where i will be.
  • Amanda from New York City, Nyi think this song is about a boys confusion as well as fear of love. when he sings "the space between the wicked lies we tell and hope to keep safe from the pain" is an example of the boys fear to completely reveal himself to this girl because he may get too close to her and wind up hurt. "the wasted hours of talking, talking.. these twisted games we're playing" by using the word "wasted" to describe talking to this girl also shows that he is afraid to get too close to her. it could also be interpreted as wasted because possibly they are talking and nothing is coming of it. this is why i feel the song portrays love as confusing. even the title represents confusion because in love, there should be no space between two hearts. but thats just my opinion.
  • Andy from Hershey, PaThis truly is a great song. I had always liked it but it wasn't until I got into a relationship that I fully understood its meaning. I think that's true of a lot of their songs, if you have never loved you can't appreciate the lyrics.
  • Kelly from Smalltown, ArGreat song... (and everyone is entitled to their opinion, charlie).
  • Jenie from Naples, ItalyWhat I find amazing about this song is the truth in it all. In a relationship, there are times we fight and there are times we smile. And it's in between the times we fight that we smile (and vice versa). A relationship is often love-hate, because it's hard to be lukewarm about someone you spend all that time with, who knows you that well. And I think this song captures all the feelings that go through a relationship - confusion, love, hate, desire and so much more. This is a great song.
  • Cheryl from Schenectady, NyThis song to me sounds like a conversation between two people. Like Dave is saying something and the next line is someone responding. I think it's a real cool write a song.
  • Wes from Atlanta, Ga"You cannot quit me so quickly"...This speaks to any person who had the door closed before they were ready to close it. Great song and I love this band.
  • Brett from Philadelphia, PaAlthough I am quite young,(16) I can appreciate Dave more than anyone I know. All my friends who listen to him but are not influenced as much hear this song and say, "This is your favorite?!" in a very cynical manner. However, this song is a prime example of why Dave is the best; the lyrics easily match the tempo of the song and you know that he choices every word for a reason. "The Space Between" represents so many different elements in Dave's life that none of us can even begin to see whether it refers to his love life or his policitcally view on the distance between society and its own government. Nonetheless, Dave has always been, will always be #1 in my book.
  • Emma from Indianapolis, InOne of the reasons that DMB is so awesome and is able to speak to so many is that everything they say, and every message they portray is for a reason. You know that your hearing something that really means something to them and this song shows it about as well as any.
  • Tom from St. Louis, MoWhile Everyday was different from many of the other albums, it was still very good. The Space Between is the perfect example. It's a great song.
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Dcdave mathews is the greatest guitar player ever? the greatest poet ever? hardly.
  • Josh from Dover, OhWhen youre in the military, and so is your brother, this song takes on a whole new meaning. Love the ones that are close to you. Take my word for it.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvI never understood all of the criticism surrounding this album. I think it's every bit as good as the others. True, the usual DMB jam sessions were absent. But Everyday still has great songs, just like their other albums.
  • Tommy from Southboro, MaEveryday was a dissappointment (many songs are better in concert, however) but I think this is one of the best on there, its a great song. Just wish he could've involved the whole band, and given Leroi or Boyd a bigger solo. Awesome lyrics nonetheless
  • Adeeb from Dhaka, OtherThis song has a happy go lucky aura to it that makes it simple and uplifting. Speaks from the heart. Good, solid stuff.
  • Arka from Calcutta, ArWhat I dig about this song is the SPACE in the music: DMB know how to create the magical, perfect mood for the words that are being sung, the emotion space, the colours that are to be seen or the images visualised when you listen to their music. I respect and love Carter Beauford too much to express in words. We all know about his classy cymbal colouring: in the intro and the outro to this song, the triplets on the ride are so haunting, they stay on with Sefan's bass slide! One of my favourite songs of Everyday.
  • Sarah from Breckenridge, MnYes, Dave Matthews is the greatest musician ever! I've loved him for as long as I can remember. His words flow without thought, and he can say the weirdest thing and make it sound like the sweetest thing in the world. He really is an awesome lyricist and the most talented guitar player I've ever heard.
  • Denise from San Jose, CaDave Matthews is the greatest musician. He is so emotional and spiritual. The words he uses in his songs describe love and its roller coaster ride so well. He is a true poet and genius.
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