Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band Artistfacts

  • 1991-
    Dave MatthewsGuitar, vocals1991-
    Boyd TinsleyViolin, vocals1991-
    LeRoi MooreVarious woodwinds1991-
    Stefan LessardBass1991-
    Carter BeaufordDrums, vocals1991-
  • Matthews was born in South Africa. His family moved to Virginia when he was 2, then back to South Africa when he was 13. Living in both places gave him an interesting perspective on politics and racism.
  • The band's self-produced debut album, Remember Two Things, sold at a rate of 10,000 copies every month. This despite being distributed solely out of the band's office. The album was recorded live at The Muse Music Club on Nantucket Island.
  • Matthews has his guitars custom-made by Martin.
  • Tinsley once appeared in a commercial for Twix candy bars.
  • In August 2000, Matthews married his girlfriend Ashley. They had been together for nine years.
  • Matthews' father died of cancer when Dave was 10.
  • Matthews moved from South Africa to the United States when he was 18 because he had been drafted and did not want to fight for a racist country. He formed the band in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • Prior to joining the Dave Matthews Band, Tinsley was a member of the Boyd Tinsley Band. He is a classically-trained violinist.
  • Matthews has donated money to Nelson Mandela, the University of Virginia, and various friends.
  • One of Matthews' biggest inspirations as a teenager was Bob Marley.
  • For the 2001 album Everyday, the DMB chose to go with producer Glen Ballard, instead of their regular producer, Steve Lillywhite. Lillywhite has produced U2, Talking Heads, and Rolling Stones. Ballard has produced Alanis Morrisette, No Doubt, Aerosmith, and worked with Quincy Jones.
  • The band formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991 when Matthews decided to record some songs he had written. He recruited Beauford and Moore, who were local Jazz musicians, and later found Tinsley and Lessard based on recommendations from friends.
  • Matthews runs a record label called ATO Records, which is part of his label, BMG. His first signing was David Gray.
  • Along with John Mellencamp, Neil Young, and Willie Nelson, Matthews is on the board of directors of Farm Aid.
  • The first public show for the band was at the Charlottesville 1991 Earth Day Festival. They started playing weekly gigs, and developed a huge regional following.
  • The band allows fans to tape their shows, which helped create a large interactive community, but also led to problems when illegal bootleg CDs hit the black market.
  • Matthews toured with Tim Reynolds as an acoustic duo during the winters of '96, '97, and '99. Reynolds was a guest guitarist on all of the Dave Matthews Band albums, and toured with the band as a guest musician.
  • They signed a major label contract in 1993, but unlike many bands, they were able to negotiate favorable terms, which include ownership of merchandising and music publishing rights.
  • In the US, they were the top-grossing touring band of 2000. >>
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  • In 2003, Matthews had twin baby girls. Their names are Grace Anne and Stella Busina. Grace Anne is named after his sister Anne who died just before the release of Under The Table And Dreaming), and Grace (many of his songs mention grace, sometimes in the form of a girl or as in God's grace). >>
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  • The Lillywhite Sessions, a never finished work in progress started on just before the recording of Everyday, includes many of the songs found on Busted Stuff. It is one of the most pirated works on the Internet. >>
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  • LeRoi Moore died on August 19, 2008, due to complications after suffering injuries in an ATV accident at his farm outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, which occurred on June 30. He was 46. The band went ahead with their show on the day of his death, dedicating their performance at Los Angeles' Staples Center to Moore. >>
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  • Dave has two daughters: Grace and Stella. Dave has two songs with mentions of both of them: "Grace is Gone" from Busted Stuff and "Alligator Pie" from Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King. >>
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  • Bus driver Stefan Wohl was carrying the Dave Matthews Band through Chicago in 2004 when he made an unfortunate drop-off. Driving over a bridge he dumped 800 pounds of human waste into the river below, splashing feces and urine onto tourists who were on a sightseeing cruise underneath the bridge. Wohl was charged and fined, and the band got a new driver.

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  • J from Ash Grove, MoDave Matthews is maybe the most inspiring artist to me and I assume to everyone else on here. And him and the band have helped me through MANY things in my life. If it weren't for Dave Matthews Band, I don't know where I'd be.
  • Stacey from Shawano, WiI was introduced to the Dave Matthews Band by my brother, but now I really have grown to love their music. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just relax and listen to their songs and I feel better. You can just feel the emotion in their music, and you can tell that they love playing it. DMB rocks!!!
  • Dusty from Tuttle, OkI have seen DMB 11 times and it never gets old. Two Step is "mY SONG!" I cannot put into words why DMB is so important for me. I just know there is alot of negativity in the world and having something like DMB to counter that is awesome. The only complaint i have, and this goes not only for DMB, but most major touring acts, ticket prices are just tow damn high
  • Matthew from Milford, MaThis is my favorite band!!!!
  • Noah from Chandler, AzAt first I didnt like the sound of his voice. He seemed especially weird when he played - what would you say - on Saturday Night Live. Given the fact it was the early 90s We were still comming out of that aweful 80s style and sound. Nevertheless, I thought I had given him as a new artist a chance to show me what he's got. I wasnt impressed, and I decided I didnt like the bands music.

    And so the years went on, I got older, And DmB kept making records, me oblivious to it. I can remember the day, twas the month of may and I was sitting along with some friends drinking and playing cards.

    I had been listening to the song but not paying much attention, when I had that moment. The moment everyone has when they are attracted to a song. Its a certain lyric, a stum, or anything in a song that makes it good to you. This happend to me in the most profound way.

    I ran over to the radio and turned it up. The guy didnt have the case, so I couldnt get the name of the song. No one had apparently heard the song on that CD either. Later that night when I bought the double disk I found out the name of the song. "Little thing" from Dave Matthews and Tim Renyolds live.
    From going through that double disk was amazing to me. Sitting in my bmw and jamming out to every single track. Some of the most amazing acoustic work I had ever heard. AND if you play the guitar, you would know how hard it is to play Dave's licks.
    Seeing Dave live is a night of pure joy. The band meshs together so well. Dave interacts with the croud, and even took some suggestions. Before the concert you are happy to finally see him, after you are amazed at the performance, and finish off the night in awe of what you had just seen. You cant wait untill DMB comes around again.
    In ending id like to say I'm glad I was able to give Dave another chance after hearing a few songs of the first album and seeing him dance and dress weird on SNL. You have to admit some of those songs on the first album kinda sucked. But the thing was I never gave him a chance after that first album. He had put out 5 more albums untill I stumbled upon him again.From that hehas taugh me a lesson in life. He has definatly has evolved in what he loves to do most, put on a a great proformance, and make outstanding music with his band as the years go by. Thank You
  • Jenny from Des Moines, IaDave Matthews Band is the most amaizing live show ever! I even named my daughter Tinsley after Boyd. I waked down the isle of my wedding to ants marching and danced my first song to Crash. I go to their show every chance I get. I can't wait until the next album comes out.
  • Taylor Huseman from Amherst , Nhi think the song Proudest Monkey goes well with the new movie curious george because it matches well with george. like he discovers new things. and george is pround what he is doing and is curious what he does.
  • Taylor Huseman from Amherst , NhI think the dave matthews band (DMB) is one of my favorite bands. he is amazing even his songs. i listend DMB everyday. i have almost all of their albums on my computer. i hope they will make another album sonn like "stand UP" i was so excited that they came a new one. my favorite song is jimi thing. DMB is just a wonderful band. they were on when i was writing this thats how good they are and i recognize their song when it is on the radio.
  • Ivy from Alaska, Ali love the dave matthews band!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think that the song american baby should go with the movie Revelation becaues its just like the movie. its practiclly telling you the story about a man whos wife and dauters soul was taken away by the devil.he goes through a program and if he doesnt give the devil his soul,he gets killed.the devil lures people into givingthere soul by giving them what they allways desired,but for him to do that they have to worship him and not god. thats the reason why i think that american baby goes with the movie revalation

    Ivy turner
  • Tracy from Springfield, Oh1. Dave's daughter's were born in 2001, and their names are Stella and Grace.
    2 Didn't he make Where the Red Fern grows before Winn Dixie?
  • Izzie from Lala, Hithis band is the cutest most talented loveable band ever! dave is so frikkin talented! hes so passionate and comes up with the greatest song. i also love stefan lessard! crash into me is stunning, its my fave song in the whole world. everyday is sooooo joyful and cute, especially the video! crush reminds me of a romantic evening in front of the fireplace. their video for grey street is so cool and energetic and radiates with their love for playing music and their fans enthusiasm. DMB almost soudns BETTER live than on their album! they have just a raw, beautiful, passionate, real sound live. thier new single american baby rocks. this band is awesome!
  • Abbie from St. Louis, Mooh yeah, i forgot to mention i even have a tattoo of a huge fire dancer on my lower back!
  • Abbie from St. Louis, Moi agree with everyone! i always tell my friends that i will marry dave one day (he's sexy). he is a genius and so passionate too. i'll never get tired of listening to them.
  • Ed from Los Angeles, United Statesdoes anyone know where the Dancing 8 symbol came from( what album or tour)not to be confused with the fire dancer
  • Izzie from Lala, HiDave Matthew's band is amazing. and in response to megan, i do do that! when i listen to crash into me, which is in my opinion their best and most beautiful song, ill listen to it over and over again and follow i different intrument each time and i have practically memorized each intruments part.
    they are amazing. i love everyday and the acoustic version of crush. those are my fave songs by them. but crash into me is not only my favorite song by them but its my favorite song of all time. DMB is amazing. my bro got to see them in concert! im so jelous.
  • Marianna from Syracuse, NyWhen I listen to Dave Matthews, "my mind is blown." Just like he said @ Central Park. To be that talented is hard to imagine, and not many artists measure up to him.
  • Megan from Tucson, AzI love Dave so much too! Have you ever puffed a j and then just sat and listened to all the different and beautiful instruments playing, each their own little tune? Or really just listened to the words that so sweetly come out of his mouth...? He is an amazing natural musician...
  • Eric from Maryland, MdDave has an amazing way of communicating strong emotion in his music. As a guitarist, I am amazed at how he can play his unusual and sometimes tightly measured music (satellite) and sing so free-form at the same time. He is an amazing talent. (p.s. #41 with Tim is my theme song)
  • Logan from Birmingham, AlDave matthews rocks my world. Ever since i was young i loved dave. Im not gay, but dave is my idol. how could anyone not love dmb?
  • Ray from Portland, RiDave Matthews is great in what I think is his first movie role - "Because of Winn Dixie".
  • Dana from San Francisco, United StatesDMB rules. and two step is my theme song
  • Meredith from Toronto, Canada Everything about this band is amazing. They're even better live. Listen to Jimi Thing and Pig and try and tell me you don't like them.
  • Greg from Mentor, Ohgood point tom DMB kicks ass
  • Tom from St. Louis, MoThe Dave Matthews Band is one of the greatest bands playing today. I agree with Jordan from NC ("Anyone who doesn't like dave is crazy"!) Anyone who has good taste in music cannot watch DMB live and say that it was a bad performance. The entire band is extremely gifted and the emotion that they play with is truly moving!
  • Jordan from Matthews, NcDave Matthews Band is a very inspiring band. Dave write true life in his lyrics and puts passion into the music. Anyone who doesn't like dave is crazy~ DMB ROCKS MY WORLD!
  • John from Pa, PaAlong with Jim Hendrix, Jimmy Buffett, and Santa Claus, Dave Mathews is one cool man.
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