So Damn Lucky

Album: Some Devil (2003)


  • Dave Matthews said at his Radio City show: "This is a song about where you're about to trip and fall and smash your face but everything slows down to the point where you comprehend you're gonna get hurt but it's not enough time to do anything about it. And this song is about how not to forget about counting your blessings."

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  • Jenna This song is about a near death experience and now he sees the world differently, and hes so happy and feels so lucky.
  • Bobby from Lex, KyIt's amazing how when you listen to this song you can almost see the life flying by (like a car spinning) around while you are in slow motion and a thousand thoughts are running through your mind.

    I wonder if dave wrote this song after making one of those decisions that as soon as you make it you know that "every thing's different" but it’s to late because you’re already sliding and all of the possible reproductions race though your mind.
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