by Dave

Album: Psychodrama (2019)
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  • This emotional 11-minute track finds Dave detailing the story of a girl named Lesley, whom he befriends on the train from Norbury Station. She confides to him how she suffers abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, Jason.

    She used to be the life of the party for true
    And now she going out hardly ever
    Her man got her in the yard forever
    And her friends wanna help but it's hard to tell her

    Dave told The Observer that the song is a tale "about someone suffering a complete loss of character by being with someone that isn't good for them."
  • Two tracks later, on '"Drama," Dave reveals that the song is based on the experiences of his own relatives.

    Do you believe that I can illustrate what Streatham is
    Then break the fourth? wall and base Lesley on my relatives?
  • The female vocalist is Maggie Eckford from the Nashville electronic pop group Ruelle.

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  • Lance Ogilvie from EdinburghThis is one of the best ‘story’ songs I’ve ever heard, right up there with the likes of STAN by Eminem, tbh o Dnt see how this is any less of a masterpiece, possibly better given its basis is true, or extrapolated from truth, Dave is my favourite rapper atm and with tracks like this who can argue he is one hell of a talent bordering on genius.
  • Ash-shaun from Stockwell, LondonRespect. F$%k those jasons
  • Santam from LondonYou got it right. Mad respect
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