In My Head

Album: Only This And Nothing More (2018)
  • David Nail has always been open about his struggles with depression. After spending over a decade in his late 20s and early 30s battling chronic melancholia the singer had reached rock bottom, which was when he realized he needed to seek outside help.

    I don't want pity for being this way
    It ain't your problem, no you ain't to blame
    Don't have the answer, no I don't understand
    What's wrong in my head?
    It's just who I am

    Nail explained to Taste of Country: "Everybody is different and everybody's situation is different. That was more or less what I was saying in the song. One of the most frustrating aspects of going through chronic, severe depression and being able to sustain any sort of consistency, is coming to grips with the fact that there is no cure. There's things that you can do to manage it, but there's no answers and everybody's different."
  • This intimate song finds Nail looking back at that difficult period in his life. It came about when he was in the studio with sound engineer Andy Petroff and had a couple of hours to kill at the end of a session. He recalled to The Boot:

    "I think it was a classic case of the good Lord shining down on me. I remember looking at Andy and I just said, 'I want you to get that guitar. I want you to play two chords and make it sound super cool and moody. I don't know what's about to come out, but I can just feel something stirring inside of me.' It all came out in about 30 minutes."


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