Night's On Fire

Album: Fighter (2015)
Charted: 81


  • David Nail's frequent songwriting partner, Jonathan Singleton, wrote this song with Canadian country artist Deric Ruttan. Nail fought pretty hard to include the tune on his Fighter album. "I knew there was a story behind it, and sure enough it was on hold with another artist. I thought to myself – I won't say the name – but they had just released a single so I knew they couldn't be recording it any time soon," said the singer. "So, that's really the first time that I've ever tried to manipulate the situation with a song. I immediately started saying, 'Well, that person's not close to making a record. They just released another song off this record, and here I am going in the studio next Wednesday. Do you want to guarantee yourself a cut?' You know, just playing that whole game that publishers and labels and artists play. I even went to the songwriter Jonathan Singleton and was in his ear and texting him."
  • Singleton also contributed some harmonies as well the "whoas" at the beginning of the cut. During a visit to the Taste of Country Nights studio, Nail explained his songwriting partner's vocal contribution. "Like I do them with the rest of the band kind of as a group but when it came time to record it, I called Jonathan and said, 'Hey man, on the demo who did the whoas?' He goes, 'I'm pretty sure I did' and I said 'Well, I'm gonna need you to come in here and do 'em,'" Nail explained.

    "Jonathan sings tremendously high and he's a fantastic singer. He's got a very unique voice. I wanted him to sing the harmony part with me... He knew the part and he could do it very effortlessly."


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