Soul Meets Body

Album: Plans (2005)
Charted: 60


  • The layered "ba-ba-ba"s and the instrumentation combine to transform this lyric about death into a romantic love song.
  • The band based their subtly shifting instrumentation on a demo that frontman Ben Gibbard had created around sampled sounds.

Comments: 7

  • Sarah from Cairo, Egyptit's a really good song when i first heard it i didnt think it was about death i though it was about a new life or maybe two people going in diffrent ways but he want to be together if "silence" take her or smth :P anyway it's a great song 1 of my favorites
  • Midi from Houston, TxI really like this song... its meaning is so deep i love that. Death cab id my favorite band of all time!!!
  • Robyn from Jonannesburg, South AfricaI love this song so much! It is definately my favorite. It has such depth and meaning!
  • Sofia from Bangkok, ThailandTo this song speaks meditation
    -'where soul meets body'
    -'That there are roads left in both of our shoes,
    if the silence takes you, then I hope it takes me too' - two people have different plans in life, but if they just let themselves go into silence (niravana) then they can both excape their future apart.
  • Joe from Baltimore, MdThis is just one of those songs that just sucks you right in, it's very hypnotic. Next to "Crooked Teeth," it's one of best songs off of "Plans."
  • Sam from Powell, OhOne of the most soothing songs I've ever heard. I'm a great fan.
  • Peter from Carmel, InMy favorite song of theirs. I love it!
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