Why Did You Have To Be

Album: Osmosis Jones Soundtrack (2001)
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  • This is about wanting someone just for that moment when you are down, but you realize that you're falling for that person and you're trying to push them away but your heart won't let you. You find yourself asking the person, "Why did you have to be?"
  • Diane Warren originally wrote this for Toni Braxton, but thought it was better for Debelah Morgan. Warren is a very successful songwriter - she's written hits for Aerosmith, Celine Dion, and many others. >>
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  • R from Staten Island, NyMy favorite singer is Patrizio Buanne. He just released this third album titled Patrizio and one of the songs on it is titled Why Did You Have to Be. I'm just curious, it says on the album that the song was written for Patrizio by Diane Warren and produced by Humberto Gatica. How can that be when you say she wrote it for Debelah Morgan??
  • Chacha from Algeria, AlI really loved the song of Debolah Morgan and which is "Why did you have to be", I even used its lyrics in one of the stories I've written.
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