Black Kid on a Pink Bike
by DEC3


  • "Black Kid on a Pink Bike" is the eleventh track from DEC3's 2014 debut self-titled album. The guitarist and main songwriter for DEC3, Jon Haber, wrote this song in the same week he wrote "Red Line."
  • Jon Haber often makes notes related to the songs he is writing in his iPhone because he always has it with him so it is convenient. He had the chord changes for the verses of "Black Kid on a Pink Bike" stored in it. The tune was recorded in just one afternoon because it is acoustically driven with simple instrumentation.
  • In our interview with Jon Haber, he explained what inspired the idea for the song. "I saw a black guy on a pink bike. I was walking down the street and go, 'That will be a great song title,'" he said.

    He continued by expanding about the tale he created: "So I came up with a story of a gay, black person and maybe some of the challenges they would face growing up."

    Haber revealed that even though the protagonist of the song escapes his small town and moves to the big city where he finds and relates to a lot of people who are like him, he still has obstacles to overcome. "He's more at home but you still have your challenges. Life just has challenges. If it's not one thing it may be something else," said Haber.


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