Hey Ashley
by DEC3

Album: not on an album (2015)


  • This song takes the perspective of a guy who goes on the Ashley Madison website, looking to cheat on his wife. Ashley Madison, which matches people looking to cheat on their spouses, was in the news in 2015 when hackers leaked data containing information about millions who had registered on the site. These hackers breached the server over a beef with the companies policy charging a fee to have profiles deleted - even after paying the fee, the company still kept the data. The hackers demanded that the site be taken down, and when it wasn't, released the customer data.
  • DEC3 frontman Jon Haber told us the story behind this song. Said Haber, "I wrote this song last year after hearing an advertisement on the Howard Stern show for the Ashley Madison site. At first, I liked the name, and thought about incorporating it into a song because I didn't think it was ever used (I was wrong on that!).

    Then I had the idea of the guy in the song cheating on his wife via the website. Most of it was written with that in mind. My idea was when the woman finally shows up it turns out to be his wife - each party not knowing who they were cavorting with on the site. The song was one of the many we had started tracking for our DEC3 next record. Then, the Ashley Madison scandal broke wide. I decided to finish this one off since the subject matter was constantly in the news."


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