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  • "Burn" is both the opening track and the title track of the first album by Deep Purple Mark III; co-written by new vocalist David Coverdale and the time serving Ritchie Blackmore, it runs to 6 minutes 5 seconds, and features some typically blistering lead guitar from the man in black. According to the Jerry Bloom biography Black Knight... the music was inspired by the Gershwin brothers standard "Fascinating Rhythm".
  • Like the rest of the album, "Burn" was recorded at Montreux, Switzerland, in November 1973. Although Coverdale wrote the lyrics, they could just as easily have been penned by Blackmore, whose fascination with the Middle Ages, witchcraft and the supernatural is reflected in this tale of a bewitching female. The song became a regular with the band for the next two years. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England, for above 2
  • Though Blackmore was the band's main songwriter, he enlisted vocalist David Coverdale, who had only recently joined the band to help. Coverdale recalled to Kerrang! May 30, 2009: "I was a complete unknown but I was involved in writing 'Burn' from the start. Ritchie was obviously the chief composer but I was given a cassette tape of the songs-in-progress and sent back to the north of England to work on the lyric with Glenn Hughes."
  • The radio edit single was cut down to 3:42.
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  • Mark from Long Beach, MsThere is a current remake of this song. It was finished January 2013 ! It can be found here.. http://youtu.be/9kJdFRuxtU8 This version Performed By:
    Mark Allen Lanoue ( Chasing Karma, BILOXI, Message, Persian Risk (USA)) - Vocals and Lead Guitar on end, Andy Lee (Iris, ex-Circle II Circle) - middle lead guitar solo, Jk Northrup - Lead Guitar on end, David "Brillo" Morris - Bass , Frank Bridges - Drums, Clyde Holly ( RIP) (BILOXI) - guitar and ad lib back vocal on chorus, Stephen Prescott (ex-Isis, BILOXI) - Keys
  • Laurent from Manama, BahrainCoverdale said in an interview that he wrote 7 sets of lyrics. My favourtite DP album by far and one of the greatest hard rock albums ever.
  • Jason from Denver, CoThe guitar riff for this song inspired the riff for I stole your love according to Paul Stanley.
  • Michael J from Needles, CaOne Of the best songs ever!!! Hard driving,wailing,balls to the wall raunchy hard rock n roll. One of Blackmores' tastiest fastest solos put on vinyl.Stellar vocals by Coverdale and Hughes.Thumping Drums by Paice. Timeless Keyboards by Lord.
  • Mark from Londonderry, NhThis is one of my favorite Deep Purple songs.
  • Chris from West Hartford, CtI had this album as a teenager and loved the cheesy melting candles molded to look like the bandmembers. Only problem was they all looked the same. Now that I am 43 year old "athlete" I have rediscovered this song as a kickass track for spinning/cycling. The tempo is through the room. 2nd best would be Highway Star buth is one's got more punch.
  • Scott from London, OnCoverdale originally wrote several sets of lyrics to this song, and the band, most probably Blackmore, chose the ones that are featured in the song.
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