Blood Runs Cold


  • This song was inspired by the passing of Def Leppard's former lead guitarist Steve Clark, who died in 1991 from a combination of alcohol and multiple prescription drugs. The band previously paid tribute to their fallen axeman on the Adrenalize track, "White Lightning," which referenced Clark's nickname as he was always running around the stage. The American band Tesla, who opened for Def Leppard on their Hysteria tour, also honored the late guitarist with their 1991 Psychotic Supper track, "Song & Emotion."
  • Guitarist Phil Collen: "The backing track was influenced by some of the earlier Police songs and the middle section came about when Pete 'Woodroffe' said "Let's not have the standard, boring ol' middle eight, let's take the attention somewhere else and have a female solo vocal going off at the same time" so initially I put down a guide vocal and it did the trick so we kept it in the song."

    "The other thing about the album, especially this track is the prominence of the bass guitar," he added. "Sav sounds great on this song! Almost like a featured solo, again, something we've never done before." (Source

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  • Defspider = Def Leppard & Spider-man (favs) from San Francisco"Blood Runs Cold" was the song that saved my life. In 1997, my world died when my wife left me and my 3 kids. Nothing was stopping my descent to despair. Not drugs, not alchohol, not friends or family. Nothing... until I bought the "Sang" album, a year after it was released. The lyrics was talking to me personally, reminding me that "Living is the best revenge, you'll ever have.".
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