Around The Fur

Album: Around The Fur (1997)
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  • According to Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno, the title track from the band's second studio album is "basically about being infatuated with the dirtiness of life." He tells the Washington Post, "I'll do anything to try to get into it and understand it, because I want to see where everybody's coming from. I'm hoping that people don't take it as a sexual reference, because it's not about that at all."
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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjSounds to me like he's infatuated with a prostitute and he'll do anything to be with her even though it's more like lust and he can't understand anything about what makes her tick or why she's into what she's into. She doesn't necessarily have to literally be a prostitute, she could just be a really hot chick who tends to get a lot of action because of her looks, and I think if "Fur" is not a sexual reference, it could be what she's wearing (fashion), like she's a rich popular girl who like to wear expensive clothing. IDK, that's just my interpretation, tell me what you think.
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