Digital Bath

Album: White Pony (2000)
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  • Lead singer Chino Moreno wrote this song thinking about a sexual fantasy he had about luring a girl into a bath, electrocuting her, then dressing her back up.
  • Chino: "It was probably 5 in the morning - we were still up partying - and I just pictured this whole scenario of having this girl, bringing her downstairs and taking a bath and like, out of nowhere, just reaching back and electrocuting -- basically throwing some kind of electrical device in the bathtub and then taking her out of the bath and drying her off and putting her clothes back on."
  • This song was recorded live at KXTE's back patio in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2000. In the liner notes of the Deftones B-Sides And Rarities album, bassist Chi Cheng wrote: "This was recorded in the blistering Vegas heat at peak hangover time, early afternoon. It was a small, intimate deal, and I was glad we got to do this song stripped down, because I always hoped it would translate as well as it did." >>
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  • Anthony from Birmingham Ukwhat is the name of the movie in deftones digital bath music video could someone tell me please ?
  • Dick from Anusville, Hito musix from tampa fla cocaine and herion are both water soluable and to my knowedgle the isnt a drug in which you need an acidic agent to break down at least not common street drugs like those and i dont think you would be ok after injecting yourslef with an acidic substance you would surely die a painful death (however pure grain alcohol is sometimes used to extract the chemicals in your drugs,this is not for the faint)
  • Dick from Anusville, HiGood god people please stop trying to make deftones look like junkies. They smoke a bunch of pot and thats as far as it goes. I'm sure they did some dope back in the day but as stated allready the song is about a very sick sexual fantasy chino had.
  • Nolan from Schererville, Inthis is my favorite song ever i made love with digital bath playing on repeat its a song to make love to =]
  • Mark from Dallas, TxThis song definitely strikes me with the feeling that it was, at least, partially devoted to the way really good cocaine makes you feel. You want it ,to see like you do when it affects you, to move like you do when it affects you, to fully feel it. But when it's over, on that decline, there is no other kind of panic, you want and need more.

    But then, I think, he devotes a lyric to bringing a friend back to life by using CPR after an overdose and then driving them to the hospital. "You breathed. And then you stopped. I breathed (CPR) and drive you off (to the +).

    But that's all how the song comes across to me. Really emotional. A GREAT song!
  • Kicks from Oakland, IaTo me the song makes me feel like as the first verse states... you move like i want to, to see like your eyes do it seems like someone who is depressed or is just tired emotionally.. and he wants to see him or her self as his or her friends see them...
  • Musix from Tampa, FlThe song is yes, sexual in nature. I do not believe it is about sex in a bathtub. I believe it to be about Speedballing (cocaine/heroine). Here is how I came to this conclusion. "you make the water warm" (The users then add acid to convert it to its water-soluble salt form to make it injectable. wikipedia). "You taste foreign to me" (the taste of the freebase). "I know you can see the cord break away", removing of the IV cord. Then finally the RUSH----"Breathing is often stopped when combined doses of cocaine and heroin are taken."

    "I feel like more"...
  • Kealy from Calgary, CanadaMost amazing song ever!
  • Dortez from Mesa, AzIts sounded like a painful song, with an odd beauty...i was listening to the lyrics...Where it said "You breathed and then you stopped..." SO i figured he had drowned her with a cord, then dried her off. Its pretty sick either way...but hey to each his own...
  • Lucia from Hyattsville, MdThe song sounded like it had something to do with sex, its beautifull. If I love someone enough and they had that fantasy, Id totally let them do that to me, especially if they wrote a song like that. I know Id probably be dead afterwards, but oh well. I only wish to die either in love or with the person I love.
  • Brian from Winchester, Mathe song sounds really sad, cause in some parts he sings in this REALLY high pitch. almost like he's in pain, and people can feel that
  • Tim from Pgh,
  • Mark Laws from Calgary, CanadaWell I figured out the sex part on my own...
  • Kevin from Independence, Moyes jay. after alll it is the quote from the person who wrote the song wasnt it?
  • Jay from Hell, Txreally that's what it means?!?!?!
  • Josh from El Paso, TxMy favorite Deftone song of all time!!! I love the verse "You move, like i want to. To see like your eyes do." It does sound twisted but its a great song!!
  • Adrian from Newcastle, Australiai luv this song so much it mite sound a bit sick and twisted from the meanings, but r u gonna critasize on people on how they feel? it could be a bad thing 2 fantasize on doing things like this sometimes it just kinda needs to come out
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