Lucky You


  • Some lyrical analysis:

    "They'll come soon I keep waiting, and I wait, won't somebody, come save me." - There is a hostage, who is waiting for his assassinators to come. He waits, and is praying that someone will come and save him/her.

    "You've crossed the walls, excelled, further along through their hell." - The soldiers have passed through many rooms (the walls), excelling into the hell of the criminals who hold the hostage captive.

    "All for my heart I watch you kill. You always have, you always will." - The hostage watches his/her saviors kill, for they are rescuing his/her life. The soldiers have always killed and always will kill (for it is their duty).

    "Now spread your wings and sail out to me." - This shows a desperate cry for help. For the soldiers to do whatever they can to come and take the hostage home.

    "And if you're feeling lucky/loved, come and take me home." - If the soldiers feel lucky enough to find the person and if they feel loved enough, they will come and take the hostage home. >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Eugene from East Orange, NjThats a good interpretation. IMO i feel the song has to do with love since chino (lead singer of deftones) has stated that the whole album is about love, relationships and everything that comes with it
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