Album: Deftones (2003)
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  • Minerva was the multi-talented Roman goddess of wisdom, poetry, music, medicine, arts and crafts (especially wool), dyeing, science, commerce, and war. More generally she was the patroness of intellect and learning, especially academics.
  • "The Late Great Planet Earth" was a working title for this song. >>
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  • Patrick from Louisville KyIt's a funeral song. It's totally going to be one of mine at least.
  • Billy Hartman from Bucksport, MeTo me the message is quite clear. So hopefully I am able to clear it up for all of you. I'll start with this. In an interview with Chino, he stated that he is so captivated with the beauty of women. Not young women, but older women who carry with them a true sense of beauty. "They can change s--t" he says.

    Now I myself have an affinity towards women. I think they are so incredibly beautiful, especially when involved with some form of art. My best friend who is female yes and no we aren't involved just really close draws pictures and paints and to see her work just completely puts me in rapture.

    "Such a strange numb
    It could bring back peace to the earth"

    The musical voice of a woman is capable of pacifying everyone, even while everyone stands with differing opinions and points of views, the beauty is what reminds us that we all have a heart and it can truly be interconnected.

    "And God bless you all
    For the song you saved us... "

    He is thanking all of the women singers of the world. For the song and the sweetness in their voice has truly brought him back to that place of warmth and love.

    Minerva is the goddess of handicrafts and arts, as well as war, in roman religion. Chino sees how powerfully eloquent a woman can be in the dawn of her maturity. It doesn't have to be an old women, just one who has truly developed herself in good ways.
  • Grush from Ny, NyI think this song is about the beautiful calming quality of a woman's voice. I think when he says "God bless you all for the song you saved us" he is referring to all the songs our mothers sang to us as children to soothe us. I think when he says "your the same numb" he is talking about that beautifully cathartic feeling that flows through your body when you hear such a great moving song or voice, it brings your "knees to the earth" it's just so beautiful, you are so humbled by the all-encompassing nature of it, you feel full and humbled and small, calm, and joyous, like when you were a child.
  • Angus from Melbourne, AustraliaI wonder if it is something to do with the Catholic martyrs of Minerva Hill...

    "On the battle of Otranto the Turkish commander Achmet Pascià decapitated eight hundred citizens on Minerva Hill, following an order to choose the Muslim religion or death.
    The dead immediately became martyrs of the church and their remains are held in the nearby Cathedral of Santa Maria. "

    I imagine their final moments would have been as surreal and emotional as this song as they went to their deaths, one by one, with calm acceptance.
  • Richie from Meridian, MsThis song isnt about suicide, sex, or anything strange. It's a beautiful song thats giving thanks to music and how much it can impact our lives. It's called Minerva cause she was mainly known as the goddess of poetry and music.
    But anyone can interpret a song into what they want/think of it to be, but what i just said was the actual meaning of the song. To me, this song is about love, and how a loved one (son, wife, etc.) can give you that awesome feeling of happiness when you just look at them sometimes, and thanking god for each and every minute of it...
  • Warren from Jozi, South AfricaThe most striking quality about the Deftones when I first heard them was the juxtaposition between exceptionally heavy music and the delicate almost effeminate voice of their front man Chino Moreno. In early interviews Chino often expressed a desire to emulate a woman when he sang. This was eminent not in pitch (ala 1980's heavy/hair metal lead singers) but rather in his approach: soft (though not in volume) breathy vocal techniques. Granted, with the influx of much more inferior nu metal copycats over recent years this approach has somewhat become cliché, but up until then it was unprecedented at least in the uber macho heavy metal world. While most of the other band members sited heavy metal gods such as Iron Maiden and Metallica as their major influences, Chino rather alluded to other male artists who sang in a similar vein (Morrissey, Robert Smith), as well as his insatiable idolisation of alternative blues songstress PJ Harvey. So when a friend of mine asked me who/what I thought the song Minerva was about my response was almost immediate, ? PJ HARVEY! ? His interpretation on the other hand was entirely different and most definitely worth mentioning. To him the song is about the band?s fans singing their songs back to them at their gigs. Using a single female figure as a metaphor for the entire crowd evokes the songs major themes of unity (emphasised in the line ?we?re the same numb?), serenity and bliss (?bring back peace to the earth?)? whoa that?s pretty deep!
  • Thecyndicate from Las Vegas, NvDid you know that Minerva is the same person as Virgo, or the Virgin Mary belife.

    The greek sign for Minerva or Virgo is MX.
  • Ethan from Fresno, Cai first listened to the song not really understanding to the lyrics then i went online and found them. once i went online i began to think the song was about sex. "I get all....numb a strange numb" like when your about to cum,"and it brings my knees to the earth," the way you feel afterwards. then it goes to "your the same numb" the girl. And when you sing it's over, meaning the girl moaning right before the apex.
  • Alexia from Toledo, OhTo me the song sounds like someone thinking about committing suicide. But then they hear a song that makes him think better thoughts. Like we all have that one song we go to when we are sad or mad. "i get all numb when you sing its over" Whoever gets scared to do it (kill himself) but then in the end he hears that song and he is saying god bless all the people who make songs that change peoples minds.
  • Hayley from Mckinney, Txthis song is amazing, but really wierd. deftones rock my face off <3
  • Chris Owens from Belfast, Irelandi think this is a reaaallly weird, strange and ominous song. its also kind of a relaxing song. the video is a weird one too. theyre in a desert with these great big lights. i have no recollection of what desert it is.
    they stay there all night until the early morning. the song makes u (well me anywayz)think alot about whats happened over the past two years or so especially all the summers that have gone by it also makes me think of when i say that "oh, im gonna this and that over the summer" by in the end you do sweet F**K all sorry for lingo. it also reminds me of how time has just flew by with out you actually realizing it. i like this song its good. it also gives u a sense of wilderness and void. if you havent heard the song i suggest listening to it, youll probably agree with me. OR nOT. thogh with all the weird things about the songits pretty good actually ,very soft song.
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