Kingdom of Comfort

Album: Kingdom of Comfort (2008)


  • Frontman Martin Smith (from Cross Rhythms): "This is more than a song; it's where we're at as a band and individuals. We don't profess to have answers to the big questions of living with the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized on our global doorstep but we are wrestling with these questions... and our comfortable kingdoms. It started in Brazil in 2006 while on tour, once again faced with communities that have extreme wealth and extreme poverty. I was listening to Rob Bell from Mars Hill in Grand Rapids talk about Solomon amassing great wealth and wisdom and how he was 'to do justice and righteousness,' but how he became the oppressor, forgot to tell the story of rescue and freedom, and in the end the nation ended up in exile. What is OUR kingdom of comfort? It's when we are comfortable and safe in our isolated environments, our religion, our 'castles.' When we become indifferent to the struggles of others, when we are fearful of being inclusive and diverse! It's a new sound for us. I love this song!"
  • Delirious? Are the most commercially successful overtly Christian band in the UK having achieved to date 7 Top 40 singles and two Top 40 albums. They are probably best known in the United States for their 1994 worship song "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever."


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