Martin SmithVocals1992-2009
Stu GGuitar1994-2009
Tim JuppKeyboards1992-2009
Jon ThatcherBass1995-2009
Stew SmithDrums1992-2008
Paul EvansDrums2008-2009

Delirious Artistfacts

  • Most Delirious? tracks were penned by the songwriting partnership of vocalist Martin Smith and guitarist Stu G. Martin told us that he likes to be out in nature when songwriting: "I enjoy that," he said, "I enjoy getting away from it all and creating space. I think that's important for all human beings to create a little bit of that space in your week or your day, just to put aside and realize that things around you are a lot bigger and the problems we have are sometimes a bit smaller than we imagined. So yeah, it's great. I enjoy that. Especially as someone creative, it works really well to do that."
  • Delirious? was seen as a pop band over in the UK achieving five UK top 20 hits. The band's highest charting song was in 2010 when their final single release "History Maker" entered the UK Singles chart at #4. Martin attributed their success in their home country to being "a movement band. " He explained "We represented a movement amongst young people that was worship. That's what it was, we were just turning it up a bit louder. But I think that we represented a worship movement in the UK and then that spread around the world. It just so happened that in the UK, the generation of young people got so excited about it and taking the music outside the walls of the church, that's how it crossed over into some of the mainstream things that we used to do. That was more a sense of evangelism, really. Not that we wanted to be pop stars. It was a natural overflow to what we were just doing."
  • Apart from heir 1994 worship tune "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever", Delirious? had little success in the United States. Martin Smith attributes their relative commercial failure across the Atlantic to American Christian radio, which tended to play much softer music than most of the mainstream radio world. "I think what's interesting is one thing we never quite understood was American Christian radio," he told us. "You know, the whole sort of softness of that. That's probably why we didn't have much success, because our music was written around that big guitar thing."
  • Martin Smith is married to Anna, sister of Delirious? band-member Jon Thatcher.
  • In 1995 Martin Smith was in a car crash in 1995 that almost claimed his life. It was during the weeks of his recovery, that Martin decided to become a full-time musician.


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