Cross To Bear

Album: Extremist (2014)


  • This pandemonium inducing end-of-world soundtrack is the most uncompromising song on Extremist. Ryan Clark commented to Decibel magazine: "Not an ounce of melodic singing. It follows the same kind of style as songs like 'Storm The Gates Of Hell, 'The World Is A Thorn' and 'Crucifix,' which are about as fast and heavy as you'll find on any of our albums. And although we've often started records out with a song like this, to essentially "come out swinging," it felt best to reach this point later on this record."
  • Clark rewrote the bulk of the lyrics for the song around three times before he was satisfied with them. He said: "I had the chorus first, and I knew I'd be shaping the rest of the lyrics around that, but I found it hard to say what I was trying to say. In the end, I think it all works."
  • Clark liked so much the small guitar walk-down, which happens at the top of the bridge (it's derived from the pre-chorus riff), that he ended up building an outro from it. He said: "It has a nasty Pantera-sounding drive that I just felt we had to emphasize, so we essentially took this repetition, and built it bigger and bigger as it progresses."


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