Album: Survivor (2001)
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  • This was inspired by the reality TV series of the same name where contestants vote each other off an island. It is a play on what happened to the group when they lost three members in one year, and their associated drama was being compared to the show - wondering what group member would be the last one voted off. Group leader Beyoncé Knowles wrote it after reading a review comparing the member changes to the TV series Survivor, which debuted in 2000 and was a sensation when this song was written.
  • Beyoncé says that this song was a defining moment in the career of Destiny's Child, as with their success also came a great deal of negativity. The criticism encouraged her to "write them out of the negativity," which is how she came up with this song.
  • Beyoncé explained on MTV's Behind The Video: "'Survivor is basically about surviving different situations. Everyone in this world that I know, they've survived something, and I know the song is definitely inspirational. It really makes you feel strong and it really makes you feel like you can survive anything."
  • This won the 2001 MTV Video Music Award for Best R&B Video.
  • Two former members of the group, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, sued Beyoncé Knowles, Mathew Knowles (Beyoncé's father and the group's manager), Kelly Rowland, and Sony Music for breach of contract, defamation, libel, and fraud over this. When Luckett and Roberson left, they signed a settlement that prohibited both parties from talking about their leaving the group. They claimed this song violated that agreement because the lyrics, such as "Thought that I'd be stressed without you, but I'm chillin', thought I wouldn't sell without you, sold 9 million," were aimed at them. Beyoncé Knowles claimed the song was about anyone who ever doubted the group. The case was settled in 2002.
  • The video, directed by Darren Grant, played off the TV show, with the girls washing up on an island "somewhere in the South Pacific." It was actually shot on Point Dume State Beach in Malibu, California, with some scenes, including the dance sequence, done at a Los Angeles studio.
  • Destiny's Child performed this for the first time at the 2001 Soul Train Awards.

Comments: 12

  • Kent from Greensburg, PaI think this song had one of the best music videos ever made when it was still an artform.
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjThe song is alright.I personally think destiny's child has done better now.
  • Brittany from Richmond, Kyi like this song and the video
  • Bigdoggy from Uk, United StatesThis (excellent) song is a rip off of Stevie Wonder's Pastime Paradise. It's not just that it's in the same key (G minor) has the same chords (Gm, Cm,D7) or that they're in the same order; it's the giveaway strings at the beginning and the fact that all recent RnB acts are looking to the great RnB acts from the past for inspiration. It's still great and original but we know it's background, listen and judge for yourself.
  • Casie from Denver, CoI believe that everyone was amazed by this song. Its so beautiful in a way that their showing us that these girls no matter what they do they won be leaving giving up. Beyonce is.. I can describe how great she is in words. Her voice! Omg! Its so great and she is so talented that I dont really care for voice but hers is so entertaining! Kelly's voice is great! Michelle... She still needs some work but she fits in great with the group! This song is so beautiful and well done.
  • Nikki from Chicago, IlWell, seemed she's chosen the perfect lyrics to win the awards that she won as a result of this song.
  • Jerro from New Alexandria, PaI agree with every one of you. It's a good song with a strong and important message to it...but BeyoncÃ? or whoever wrote those lyrics needs a great deal of improvement in lyric writing! I should know...I'm a lyricist myself!
  • Melanie from Reader, WvThis song was totally over played... after the 50th time of hearing it it gets really old!
  • Harriet from Trowbridge, EnglandLike jade, I totally disagree with you Nora!! This song certainly rules!!!!
  • Britney from Calabasas, CaI agree jade Beyonce is a great singer and songwriter.
  • Jade from Gympie, Australiathis song rules,not being nasty or anything but you're wrong Nora!!!!!
  • Nora from Richfield, MnLyrics are horribly written for this song
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