Knock Knock (Who's That Knocking' On My Coffin Lid Door?)


  • Before there was MTV Cribs, there was a little show called Cutting Edge that once featured a couple of scruffy, punk-looking guys known as The Flat Duo Jets. In that episode, Dex Romweber and Chris "Crow" Smith took the MTV crew on a tour of the tiny house Romweber lived in, decorated with macabre found objects and looking exactly like what you'd expect from the abode of the young Romweber. Years later, that house, known as The Mausoleum, made its way onto Dex Romweber's 2016 album Carrboro, memorialized in the song "Knock Knock (Who's That Knocking on My Coffin Lid Door?)" Romweber told the story in a 2019 interview with Songfacts:

    "That song is about my old mausoleum on Pine Street in Carrboro [North Carolina], and having people knock on the door early in the morning, a girl or something, and you're not even awake and you basically have nothing for them. It was a small house, filled with a lot of really weird things. There was another old house, abandoned, just a few feet away, and we got tons of gothic, weird stuff there. It was the Danziger house. But I made my place in the motif of the '30s and '40s Munsters and Addams Family gothic horror. It was a gothic horror rockabilly kind of house about the size of a mausoleum, so we called it that. It was amazing. It went up in an LSD trip gone bad, it went up in flames and my best friend almost died in that thing. It was really close."

    The footage from that episode of Cutting Edge is still around thanks to YouTube, and wraps up with Flat Duo Jets performing an energetic cover of the Buddy Holly-penned tune "Think it Over."

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  • Siahara Shyne Carter from United States{ Just Nobody }............................ Continue Sleeping in your coffin with metalic door ;-)
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