Here With Me
by Dido

Album: No Angel (1999)
Charted: 4 116
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  • "Here With Me" is what Dido calls a "post-shag song." It finds her in a state of bliss, awaiting her lover's return.

    Dido wrote the song the day after meeting her boyfriend, a lawyer named Bob Page, at a London nightclub in 1995. They got engaged in 2001 but called off the wedding the following year.
  • This was the theme song to the WB television show Roswell, known in Dido's native UK as Roswell High. The series, about teenagers and aliens (and teenage aliens) lasted three seasons, from 1999-2002, and for many was the first place they heard Dido.
  • In America, "Here With Me" was Dido's first single, released in 1999 ahead of her debut album No Angel. She toured the US in 2000 and the song got some traction that year, landing a modest chart position of #116 in October. A short time later, her song "Thank You" was sampled on Eminem's hit "Stan," which gave her a huge boost. "Here With Me" was then issued in the UK and rose to #4. The No Angel album ended up selling 3 million copies in the UK and 4 million in America.
  • Dido (last name: Armstrong) is the sister of Faithless member/producer, Rollo, who worked on her No Angel album. Speaking to in 2013 about "Here With Me," she recalled: "It was the first song I wrote that was any good. It's a simple love song, written in quite a dark time. I played it for my brother (Rollo) and he took it to his company's A&R meeting and said, 'Look, we need to find someone like this' and they all looked at him like, '...and we can't sign your sister because?' The thought hadn't even crossed his mind. Obviously after that he signed me. It's the track that launched everything for me so it has a soft spot in my heart."
  • The "P. Gabriel" on the credits for this track is not Peter Gabriel, but the UK-based songwriter/producer Pascal Gabriel. Another writer, Paul Statham, is also credited along with Dido.
  • Two videos were made for the song. The one, issued in 1999, shows Dido perched precariously on a ledge overlooking the ocean. After Dido became popular in the US, a new video, directed by Liz Friedlander was shot in Toronto showing Dido walking the city and joining her sleeping lover in bed. This became the official video and got a lot of airplay on VH1.
  • In 2002, this was released on a soundtrack album with music from the TV show Roswell. Other artists on the album include Coldplay, Travis, and Sheryl Crow.

Comments: 5

  • Chizzijay from Enugu State Nigeria I love the song and I have been listening to many of dido songs I love them and I wish to meet her one day
  • David from Atlanta, GaWasn't this also in a movie with Gwynneth Paltrow and Nick Cage?
  • Tara from Nashville, TnThis song is also featured in the movie "Love Actually"
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song, the theme to Roswell, finally became a hit in 2001, but had originally been released as long ago as 1998. For me this song shatters the myth that Dido could never had made it big without Eminem's help, as there were alreay calls to release this as a single by popular demand.
  • Tara from Bayonne, NjTo me this song is about how you feel when you finally meet the person you can't live without. At first it feels like a dream, but know matter how hard you try you can't hide the fact that you want them there every moment possible. When they are there its a feeling of rest. You feel like you can't do simple things like sleep or breathe until that person is here to rest with you. I met my boyfriend around the time I first heard this song and I fell in love with both him and the song because it described every emotion that I felt for him. If you can relate to someone in your life through this song I would hold on to that person... I have.....*Tara loves Ed * *Always and Forever*
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