Tip it on Back

Album: Home (2012)
Charted: 66
  • Bentley described this uptempo track to Billboard magazine as the flip side of his hit single "Home." He said: "It's like, 'Times are crap right now. I'm going to drink a little more than I should and just enjoy tonight. I'm not going to worry about all that stuff. I'm just going to have a good time.'"
  • Bentley's fun-loving personality shines through on this cut. "This song's all about blowing off some steam, which people do every night when they come out to our show ... and what I did last night when I went out to a show," he explained to The Boot. "For the next couple hours, I'm just gonna have a good time!"
  • During an interview with The Boot, Bentley was asked if he was concerned about the lines, "sip a little more than you know you should" and "let the smoke roll off of your lips" when he cut the song? He replied that in this difficult economic climate, "A lot of people are out of work and sometimes you need a break and you say, 'You know what, I'm going to drink a little more than I should.'" Bentley went on to admit that "the smoking part might be a little controversial," before saying, "I think the idea behind the song is every now and then you've got to blow off some steam. And I think that's what a Friday night is made for."
  • The song was written by Tully Kennedy, who is a member of Jason Aldean's road band with his friends Ross Copperman and Jon Nite, whose tune "Glass" was cut by Thompson Square.
  • This was the first single released by Bentley that he didn't write. "I've been trying to find some good outside songs," he told Billboard magazine. "That's a fun process - trying to find a song that fits who you are and what you're trying to say."
  • The predominately performance visual was filmed on the opening date of Bentley's Country & Cold Cans: Back to College Tour in Athens, Georgia. "This video shoot took me back to the 'High Times & Hangovers' days when we were playing dirty rock bars and sustaining on beer and Jager bombs," said the singer "We just started texting people to come down to the Georgia Theatre, and hundreds of UGA students showed up to day-drink with us. It was a total blast and a great kick off to the college shows we did across the Southeast the rest of the week."
  • The video was filmed at the Georgia Theatre, in Athens, Georgia, which suffered a devastating fire in 2009. "I'm not from Georgia, but I really love that place and (the fire) really affected me," explained Bentley. "I went down there and visited, and just the walls were standing. When it came time to make this video, we knew we wanted to shoot it somewhere kind of college-y and really just Athens, and knowing that place was back open again, I wanted to shoot it there."

    The theater is one of the singer's favorite venues. "I played there three times before I sold it out," he explained, "and my brother went to school down there. I've always loved that theater, and there's certain clubs along the way that when you sell them out, it's a big deal. Selling out the Georgia Theatre is a milestone for any country singer."
  • The video's director, Wes Edwards, created a storyline about a young couple (played by Jason Burkey and Sarah Ames) who struggles with selling their family farm. The clip ends with the for sale sign tipping back on the lawn. "I just remember getting really excited about that visual twist on that," Edwards said in a Songfacts interview. "My parents actually, we had a family farm in Kentucky that they had just sold. Of course I supported them when they did it because it needed to be done, but for selfish purposes I kind of wished that they had held onto the farm, so that's where that came from. That's something that I really try and do. If it's not just purely visuals, if a story starts to emerge, I always try and find an unexpected twist on the lyrics to bring something to the storyline that people wouldn't necessarily expect. That's how I work when I'm trying to come up with a storyline."

    Edwards also directed clips for Bentley's "I Hold On" and "Drunk on a Plane."


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