Album: Made In The Pyrex (2020)
Charted: 24
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  • Digga D started working on this song whole locked up in jail. His incarceration came at a bad time as he'd just made a commercial breakthrough with his drill track "No Diet."

    During his stint in prison, Digga D staged impromptu writing camps with other inmates, including fellow drill rapper Unknown T. "He was with me when I started on the verses," the MC told Apple Music. "I was telling him, 'This has to be my next single!'"

    When Digga was released from prison in May 2020 he dropped this song as his comeback single.
  • Digga D namechecks Unknown T at the end of the second verse.

    And if it ain't Unknown T and them man
    I don't like no other niner

    Unknown T is from Homerton, whose post code is E9.
  • While the verses find Digga talking about his lifestyle on the London streets and the trappings of hood fame, the hook is a collection of wild, nonsensical ad libs. "After 'No Diet,' I noticed that my fans really liked the style," he said. "So this time I decided to use it for the chorus and go from there."
  • London drill producer M1OnTheBeat came up with the piano-laced instrumentation. M1's previous productions on his resumé include CGM's freestyle "Next Up?" (Digga D is a member of the Ladbroke Grove collective).


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