Badges Posters Stickers T-Shirts

Album: Private Investigations single (1982)
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  • This is a very rare Dire Straits song. It doesn't appear on any of their licensed albums. It hit #2 in the UK as the B-side to "Private Investigations" which appears on the album Love Over Gold.
  • The lyrics describe fellow '80s rockers AC/DC as "Hot and sweaty, loud and greasy."
  • In the US, this was released as a B-side to both "Private Investigations" and "Industrial Disease." It didn't chart with either of them.
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  • Vassilis from Athens, GreeceIt has been released on CD as an extra track of the "You and your friend" CD single.
  • Gregg from Greenville, ScThis is the only Dire Straits song that has never appeared on CD. "Twisting By The Pool", "Two Young Lovers", and "If I Had You" were released on CD Video, in 1987, with the live version of "Two Young Lovers" from "Alchemy". None of the other three songs from the EP have ever appeared on standard audio CD in their original form.
  • Paul from Marysville, WaThis song also features original Straits' Pick Withers. He left the band after completing his work on Love Over Gold.

    In the biography of Dire Straits, which was written with band cooperation and came out after the "Twisting by the Pool" EP, the author called "Badges Posters Stickers T-Shirts" a "wry commentary on merchandising." Man, he really missed the point-- the song is obviously the backstage ramblings of a fan looking for handouts from the band.
  • Richard from Savannah, GaThis song also appears on the EP, "Twisting by the Pool".
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