Inside The Fire

Album: Indestructible (2008)
Charted: 73


  • Guitarist Dan Donegan explained to Artist Direct about this tale of someone plunging into the afterlife in the hope of reuniting with his deceased girlfriend: "It's a really dark vision and the song, the lyrics and the meaning, is very dark. It's the darkest stuff that I think David (singer David Draiman) has ever written lyrically. It's about a girl he was in a relationship with. She's committed suicide, and he just has the voice of the devil over his shoulder trying to provoke him to take his own life to join her again, because the only chance for him to be with her again is if he takes his life. We're not condoning suicide off of this, it's just more of the temptation to join a girlfriend that was very confused and messed up and wanted out."
  • This features on the in-game soundtrack to the video game Madden 09Q.
  • This topped the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart for six weeks.
  • The song was inspired by an ex-girlfriend of David Draiman's who took her life when he was 16. He said in a video interview: "It was not easy. You blame yourself for stuff like that, you judge yourself."

    The Disturbed singer added that he was already an addict (it was his late girlfriend who started him on heroin) and after she left this world by overdosing he "went into a horrible downward spiral for a number of years."

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  • Renee from Pittsburgh Tiffany W, David never had a daughter. He has one child, a son named Samual. I like the song, I am not a fan of the video. I feel it’s not a tasteful way to honor his girlfriend or portray suicide. But as an artist, he may be seeing it from a different angle than some of us.
  • Nope from LunchWell we know what it's about. But it's more of what he was thinking. She won't go to heaven. I think it's taught in most religions that killing your self is an automatic reject from heaven. And it may be, but I believe it's not that black and white. I believe God knows our trials and tribulations on earth. He that formed the ear shall he not hear, he that giveth knowlegde shall he not know. Devon was a drug adict. God knows why and HE and only HE will decide if she goes to heaven. Now he (David) considered suicide because of what she did AND he was raised to know better. If he had killed himself the devil may have took his soul. Consider this could the devil have tempted Devon to get Davids beautiful soul? David won a battle against the devil. Devon will go to heaven I believe. And if anyone ever thinks about suicide. My advice, if for nothing else, live for spite. Spite the devil never accept defeat.
  • Mr.krumb from TxTiffany - Wheatley. Please get your facts straight before you go posting false info -
  • Grace from ArkhamIn an interview he says it's about a girl he dated that comes suicide that had a lot of drug problems.
  • Tiffany from WheatleyThis song is not about a girl he was in a relationship with its about his daughter who took her own life bc she was bullied at school for her dad being a metal singer, people thought he was in support of the devil she was so depressed she took her life.
  • Kyel Linn from Myanmar (burma)This song is really good... we can that guy's love so strong... and good for me... it make me stronger.
  • Zack from Noblesville, InThis song speaks to me because I have attempted on many occasions with the rifle I bought my gf at the time.
  • Hannah from Gratz, PaAfter attempting suicide more than a year ago, this song really hits home for me. This is the greatest song by Disturbed. Ever.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjGreat song with a catchy flow and deep lyrics. BTW I don't have to worry about trying to beat Guitar Hero or Rock Band on expert level cuz I actually PLAY Guitar. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I just hate Guitar Hero with a passion.
  • Marianne from Kimberley,These lyrics are amazing. Some really deep stuff!
  • Charlie from Las Vegas, Nvi can (kinda) relate to the subject matter of this song. My cousin Ginelyn and I are like sisters. Back last February she ran away, and I was tempted to do the same.
  • Paul from San Benito, Txthis song is hardcore and having dealt with suicide issues myself i can tell you this song reminds me of the voices i used to hear trying to convince me too.. its a killer song about real life stuff....not their best song cuz that one belongs to DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS but its right up there with it
  • Matt from Houston, Txhoward... what exactly was that rant directed at
  • Howard from Stevensville, MdLook, I have 3 children and I lost them when my divorced wife left with them. In order to be with them, and to ensure their lives have some semblence of normalcy, I HAD TO END A LIFESTYLE, or MY LIFE as it were. People that hold onto these ideas of MURDER and FATALITY need head shrinks. This song is HARDCORE, if you want something PRECIOUS you HAVE TO SACRIFICE!!! This is the reason I am dubious when I am approached by RELIGIOUS types.
  • Rick Phlaire from Georgetown, DeScott, if you're talking about Guitar Hero: World Tour...not there. Neither of them. Bought it for my son. He beat it in 2 days. On expert. Never saw Disturbed or FFDP. Maybe RockBand2.
  • Scott from Hamburg, --In my oppinion & suicide is a laughing matter if you want to risk your life go ahead... but when you reach the gates of Heaven what will you say??? I'm Christian but I also thought of suicide before I found Christ... I love Metal and it expresses that in life rock on Disturbed and Behemoth, and Cradle of Filth rock on
  • Scott from Hamburg, --This song is going to be feautured with 5 Finger Death Punch Never To Late on the new Guitar Hero so they say
  • Zach from Buckeye, AzDisturbed rocks this world, there my ultimate favorite band and this was the first i heard. THIS SONG ALONG WITH "DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS" GOT ME ADDICTED TO METAL MUSIC btw!
  • Corey from Greenfield, InGreat song!
  • Kathy from Kingsport, TnHaving tried to commit suicide several times, this video really effected me. Pain makes one ignore the effects ones death would have on others.
  • Chantal from Oxfordshire, United Kingdomwat a song. it grabed me the first time and it was the first song i heard frm them. i can relate with david here as i lost a family relitive in this way. just isnt easy to deal with but u do learn to. rly deep words here. and true.
    C frm UK
  • Billy from Newcastle, United KingdomHeard this once and got it. I now can't get the chorus out of my head. Probably the best Disturbed track I've ever heard. Ever.
  • Garrett from Lacrosse, WiOne of my newest favorites! Woo!
  • Nick from Edmonton, CanadaWhat a great song from a killer band. I was proud to see Dan Donegan grace the cover of Guitar World's August 2008 issue
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