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  • The first single from Believe, "Prayer" is a conversation between lead singer David Draiman and God after the death of his grandfather. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • Draiman's decision to become a heavy metal singer was an unforgivable sin in the eyes of his grandfather, an orthodox Jew, who severed all ties with him - until the elderly man was faced with his own mortality.

    "As his health began to wane and as he felt his mortality creeping up on him, I was allowed in some sense to kind of come back into the picture on a less significant level," Draiman told MTV News in 2002. "And that very adversely affected me. I was actually on Ozzfest when I first got the phone call that he was on his deathbed and only had about 24 to 48 hours to live, and he was in Israel so I couldn't be with him. I was backstage at the time, and Marilyn Manson saw me coming out of the room, and he asked me if I was alright. I explained to him what happened, and it was the first time I had ever seen an actual look of remorse on his face. No one could look at the aura I projected over the course of that next week and not feel my pain and those feelings very definitely will present themselves on the record."
  • The song was also inspired by Draiman's disgust with the actions of prominent clergymen in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. "Instead of consoling their flock, people like Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts chastised them and used the situation as a means of empowerment, saying it was our own fault because we're a decadent and promiscuous people. I just thought that whole notion is ridiculous," he told MTV News. "It's not very godly for a God to inflict pain and suffering on his people to elicit a response. I would hope that God wouldn't be that petty. But if that's what is happening and you're inflicting pain and suffering to get me to return [to the flock], bring it on. There's nothing that you're going to do to me that's going to change my conviction or change my path."
  • Draiman based the apocalyptic music video on the biblical story of Job, whose faith was tested by a series of tragedies. In the clip, directed by the Brothers Strause ("Crawling") and shot in Los Angeles, Draiman witnesses scenes of despair in the city streets before he and his bandmates withstand a catastrophic earthquake. The singer explained: "It's like Job being put through trials and tribulations and still coming through unscathed and achieving his redemption."
  • Major video networks refused to air the clip because its scenes of destruction were reminiscent of the 9/11 attacks. Disturbed initially agreed to edit the video but ultimately felt like doing so would confirm critics' assertions that it was offensive. "It was meant to be apocalyptic, but it was never intended to be derivative of the situation that happened on 9/11," he said of the concept. "Because of the subject matter we were dealing with, we needed something grandiose like an earthquake or a meteor shower or some kind of act of God to show the hand of the supernatural or some greater power."

    Besides, the video wasn't meant to be disturbing; it was meant to give people hope in a seemingly hopeless time. He added: "It's about getting through life's obstacles and all the tests that fate may throw at you in the process. It's trying to convince you that you have the strength to get through whatever trials and tribulations may come your way. It's supposed to inspire hope."
  • This was used in the 2005 horror film House Of Wax.
  • This marks Disturbed's first entry on the Billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at #58. It's also their second highest-charting single on the tally, behind their 2015 cover of Simon & Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence," which peaked at #42.

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  • Marc from IndianaEveryone questions their faith from time to time, and especially gets angry with God from time to time. I lost my sister to cancer...not cool...I stepped down as our Church's Director of Outreach in anger and frustration with Him. It, believe it or not, strengthened my faith and my relationship with God. Satanic...LOL...they are no more satanic than Skillet. Rock-on Disturbed!!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjWow Dunamis I feel I can relate to your situation big time. I myself too had a nervous breakdown and had a heavy metal band help me in that situation. The band that helped me was Mushroomhead (I was also doubting my faith in God). Though I have been a fan of Disturbed since I first heard them on the radio with Stupify. I would have loved to see them on that tour with Shinedown (another band I really love). I did get to see them on the Pop Sux Tour in 2002 (supporting KoRn), the Music as a Weapon 4 tour in 2009 (with supporting acts Killswitch Engage, Lacuna Coil, and Chimiara) and the Music as a Weapon 5 tour in Jan 2011 (with KoRn ironically supporting them, along with Sevendust and In This Moment). I do likle listening to bands like Slayer, even though they have very gory/demonic themes, but I love the music, and I love God too much to be brainwashed by it (even if they do in fact worship Satan, which I personally believe they DON'T) The devil can't control you, he can only put fear/doubt in you. Remember that.
  • ? from ?, MaSeems based on The Rapture, Based on the Video and much of there other videos seem Bible related
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhI'm not getting into the debate on here, but I actually understand why he made this song, he was pissed at God for taking away his grandfather, the same thing happened to me, so I can relate to this song.
  • Colby from Nederland, TxThe song in it self is pure awsomeness,but the music is just EPIC
  • Stayce from Trinity, NcThis song was released shortly after my 1st wife and I divorced. A tough time to be sure, and I was very angry at God for all that I had went thru, losing her and my daughter. The words of this song spoke to me in a way i had rarely felt before. It perfectly described the animosity toward God; especially the defiant and sarcastic tone of the chorus. I had always been a big music fan and aspiring musician, but honestly, had never felt "IT" like Prayer had it. Not sure what the correct meaning is or how David felt when he wrote it but I know what it means to me and that's really what music's about
  • Kate from Tulsa, Ok Anthony, I agree with what u say b/c i have gone through trying, and giving up on my faith in God but i ALWAYS came back so i say to everyone who reads this don't give up on God and Ur faith go through life knowing that when you die a great treasure will await you in heave ~God Bless~
  • Danz from Cali, CaIt's a good things songs can mean different things to different folks. And thanks for some of the interview feedback. My take: he's no fan of God. If he's having a conversation with God, the first paragraph is God breaking it to him, unsimpathetically, uncaringly about his Grandfather's death. In the video it starts with a fool of a priest, and then sets the scene for pain and loss/death. David sings back to God: Living just isn't hard enough
    Burn me alive, inside
    Living my life's not hard enough
    Take everything away
    - It's also known as sarcasm and defiance. David enlightens "God" that he can take all the death and loss "God" can give to him. The second verse shows an even lower opinion of "God", and an even higher level of anger. "God" starts raising the ante: "Another nightmare about to come true
    Will manifest tomorrow
    Another love that I've taken from you
    Lost in time, on the edge of suffering
    Another taste of the evil I breed
    Will level you completely" The video continues to play this out as more death and losses to David are shown. When it comes to David's response, he stand defiantly in the center of the street even though the burning light fills all. The last part David goes thru an angry discussion where the two sides fight by "God" saying return to me/turn to me and David giving leave me no one/cast aside/leave me no one and then finally "you've made me turn away". Then concludes with a couple more 'prayers', ending with a final line of "take everything away." In the video he mixes these last portions with some pain in his anger and then ends the video after the last line with a defiant stare. Seems clear his "Prayer" is sarcasm and defiance, borne of the blame many have when they try to see God as the target of their pain and troubles, misunderstanding his part in all this (my opinion).

  • Matt from Bakersfield, Cathis song is great the drummer just keeps it going from beginning to end with those base drums and the chorus kicks so much ass.
  • Dunamis from Gwynedd, United Kingdom* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Many, many unaware posters in here, on both sides of this debate, no offence intended (ignorance is not used here as an insult, rather an observation). My introduction...Adam, 28, UK.

    I found this page after wanting to "get right" with God. Funny enough it was David Draiman's lyrics way back on the Believe album that helped begin a process that took me to their Believe tour (Manchester Academy). Not too long after I had a "psychotic breakdown" and a failed railway suicide attempt, yea, I know, intense or what.

    But one thing that remained constant was the support I felt from Disturbed song lyrics. I've always been one to shy away from the "we love hell and the devil" style lyrics due to my (though not practiced at that time) faith in God. So Disturbed were a band that had songs about the struggles I was going through.

    My favourite song is still Fear. I see it about making sure you Fear God again..."fear something again". David sings "'re too weakened, by the poison, that they feed you, in the living lie, they don't believe you call to no one, trust in nothing, little impotent one" and then "you're gonna feel it, when I stamp it, on your forehead, so you will never forget, that you're a reject, and you're no one, and you're nothing, little impotent one". Now this seems to SO be about the fear of God, and those who have none who will receive the "Mark of the Beast".

    And then you have Rise on the Believe album, "I command you to rise, wash away, the decay of your life. Feel the light of your eyes; find the way through the darkness tonight, fearing no one." Now is this not an AMAZING line to come from someone raised Jewish? From a Christian perspective to me it has such a high significance in this day and age.

    Anyway, the point is I don't think you can clearly define where David Draiman stands on the whole God issue. (him because he's the lyricist). He obviously has a deep knowledge of who God is and who Satan is, but just look up his qualifications and where he was educated, he probably knows more than all of us combined on the issue. But I must confess I have been continuing to get right with God and so certain music that is obviously or subliminally pro-Satan it is getting out of my collection, and that has brought me to notice things recently, I have been praying so it's only to be expected. David uses a different voice in certain songs for brief verses, often hard to hear clearly and a very deep voice put on. It does seem that this is when the lyrics are more like a conversation with the Devil, and it seems that David is VERY mad at him, just see lyrics for Voices from the first album:

    The deep put on "devil/demonic character" voice "Can't you imagine how good going through this will make you feel? I promise, no one will ever know. There will be no chance of you getting caught. They never loved you anyway, so come on, be a man and do what you are compelled to do", then David comes in normally and very loudly sings "SAVE ME GOD". This is where it begins, you can trace the songs yourself by listening to all the albums, which I am about to do, as this only started today, and I've since my breakdown also been to the Indestructible tour (Manchester Apollo supported by Shinedown). But the song that got me thinking first today was Deceiver from the newest (Indestructible) album, you can look it up, but David seems very angry towards Satan (AKA the Deceiver, "more cunning than all the other animals in Eden" in the Bible and Torah).

    Anyway, if anyone wants to get in touch with info my email is

    Let's stick with David on this journey (1.) to destroy Satan the Deceiver (2.), ruler of the rich, master of the politicians of all nations (3.) and the one who wants to unite the world under ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT (4.) because that does seem to be the overall most likely scenario for his lyrics, and in the "rock" world, saying such thing outright might damage your "reputation" as a great rock band. Plus, just remember, David is just a man like many of us (I know some women are in here too :), and so will not always be perfect or correct, just as I am not, and you are not. A lot of pressure is wrongly put on musicians in the alternative world from the fans, and it would be nice for people to be able to at least begin here and start treating bands like we want to be treated.

    1. Listen to Disturbed - Rise for more info
    2. Listen to Disturbed - Monster [bonus track] for more info
    3. Listen to Disturbed - Land of Confusion [Genesis Cover] for more info
    4. Listen to Disturbed - Divide for more info

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
  • Diverdriver from Petaluma, CaNick, the first comment on the page, is correct. Watch the multimedia part on the CD. Dave says exactly what Nick posted.
  • Kp from Rajamäki, FinlandThe circle with a cross inside could be a pagan symbol for earth and the crescent moon for islam, pentagram for christianity and the star of David for jewish and all the symbols are tangled with each other on the earth background.
  • Kp from Rajamäki, FinlandThe song might be also about temptation - temptation to surrender and give up. Turn to the evil to find and easy way out. And refusal. Its a hard world. But not hard enough.
  • Anthony from Greenwood, ScOk, seriously, the music by disturbed is not satanic in any sense. David said it himself in an interview on the Fuse network. The song is about the fact that everyone needs something to believe in to get through hard times. Whether it be God, love, family, faith, or anything. If you have seen the video to the song prayer you would understand. In the video bad things happen to every member of his band. The bad things happen because of other good things. Such as a little girl runnning towards someone she loves and causes one to crash his car. Then he says the lyrics, "return to me, return to me, leave me nowhere, return to me, return to me." It means that yea stuff happens, but you can always return to your faith in somthing.
  • Dagan from Asheville, NcPeople Just don't understand music. Disturbeds' music helped me during a real tough time in my life. Today I am christian mainly because of their music. These people who claim that disturbed is Satanic, their all Christian Extremist. Nothing wrong with the lyrics; their just upset that God isn't mentioned in every single sentence being praised upon most high, or whatever it is they lift him up on. Great band, great songs!!!!!
  • Grant from Charlotte, Ncok, anybody who says that they are satanic due to the indestructible cover, take the time to think about it. the song "inside the fire" perhaps? talking about his girlfriend killed herself then he felt the devil standing over him trying to convince himself to do the same, to "take the word of one immortal! give your soul to me, for eternity. release your life, to begin another time with her. end your grief with me, there's another way. release your life, take your place inside the fire with her!"
  • Chris from Waterford, MeHey christian, Red Lion, PA, the disturbed symbol is 6 religios symbols put togeater IE:christian cross, pagan moon, Jewish star.
  • Austin from Knoxville, Tnits mostly about him talking to God after his grandfather died. I think he's trying to express that you experience loss for a reason, and that you should trust God when you're losing it all. "Take everything away"
  • Corey from Richmond, VaMy prayers are with Sarah of Richmond. Sorry about your loss.
  • Alex from Fresno, CaWTF are you (non nice people) all arguing about Satanism, the Devil, blah blah blah. David is p***ed at God for taking away his Grandfather. The end.
  • Christian from Red Lion, Pai didnt mean it as the cover work i think that it looks kool but people are saying that the band is very satanic and that is what the believe symbol means
  • Albert from Mcallen, TxThe cover of indestructible has absolutely nothing with being satanic or the devill, the art work was done by the artist of Spawn, The members of disturbed happen to be fans of the art work so they asked him to do the art work for their CD, its that simple no devill!!
  • Christian from Red Lion, Pajust to set the record straight this cd or any of there stuff isnt satanic anti government or anything. infact if you want to get technical it is pro religion and pro army war stuff like that.
    in this song it is about him talking to the devil.
    "ANother life that i've that i've taken from you" he is telling the devil that the lord is the only way and through his music (particulary this album) he will get people to believe in god and not him. the reason that he says liveing isnt hard enough burn me alive inside. he is saying that life really isnt that hard if you belive and he is willing take the sacrifice of an eternity in hell to save millions. that is also why in the one part he is the speaking like the devil when he starts to say return to me. and i mena Indesturctible that isnt hard at are to figure out.
  • Zoie from Virginia, Vajust wow... ACUALLY David himself said the song was about the book of Job in the bible. In the book God gave him a bunch of tests like1. his children all died, his cattle died, (scince he was very rich). Job didnt complain for anything or blame god.the song (Prayer) is about, no matter what life throws at you. You can always get back on your feet and keep going.
  • Matthew from Esperance, NyIf anyone is wondering if this music is havent got a clue. It is so obvious.
  • Connie from Bullhead City, AzFor some reason - this song touches me -- when they did it in concert , I was in the front row and I cried ----- I love it.
  • Shreddie from Pbg, FlHello!!! The cover of Believe represents unity and diversity, no matter what religion you are and what your background is. It incorporates a circle: representing the sun, wholeness, life...; a hexagram or star of David: representing the Jewish faith, (and the symbol for Mars?); a pentagram: representing the Wikkan faith, (and the symbol for Venus?); a crescent moon: representing the Jehovah faith; and in the middle is a cross: representing the Christian faith, the four original elements, and direction. Disturbed combined all of these to show unity...Liberate your minds=don't judge based on religious preference.
  • Chantal from Oxfordshire, United Kingdomwen i first heard disturbed, satanism was not wat came to my mind. and wat i think bout the comments here frm a few others sayin they are santanic is a load of rubbish. this is definitly not music of the devil. doesnt sound anything like.
    i love this band to bits. i am not religious but i cant say if i beleive in a God!!! i am more spiritual. alot of, well most of the songs are talking bout the world and wat is happening and wat people are doing to eachother (and wat people are doing to the world). I RESPECT DAVID IN ALL HIS GREATNESS, ESPECIALY WAT HE SINGS BOUT. the deepest words i hav heard. rly gets me hooked.
    and if any one wants to comment or say anything to my comment go ahead want to hear wat u think.
    much love to the band. C frm UK
  • Matthew from Melbourne, AustraliaI reckon when he's saying "Life just isn't hard enough", he's saying that his life is nowhere near as bad as many other people's and he's trying to recognise that. I don't think he's saying "Just destroy the world, God"

    I can't say for sure if the band is Satanic or not due to their latest album cover, Indestructible, which has a picture of a demon-like character in chains with fire around him. A person wrappped in chains represents a soul in a hell, and the fire in the background just makes it look more satanic.
  • Jacob from Christchurch, New Zealandawesome song,i personally believe that the pentagram
    represents a mix of judaism,wicca,jerusalim,and the star of david and apparantly johova whitness is another subject they believe that god itself is a description and juhova is the real GOD back to disturbed the jewish cresent is all that is the supposable devil horns foolowed by a point up pentagram which represents the hebrew word for "jesus" in the stupify song it also explains te fa che whic is hebrew for dont be afraid
  • Dj from Pipestone, CoDavid comes from a deeply religious jewish family and his grandfather never approved of his rebellion from that family. His grandpa was a holocaust survivor and when he died David was deeply hurt and he devoted the album "Believe" to him. This song is David saying, if there is a God out there, give me everything you've got. Also when asked if he was religious he replied "No, not at all".
  • Adam from Mccordsvill, InIf you have acutally watched the video on the believe cd you would know that the song is also about 9/11 David says it himself he's commemorating all that died on that fateful day
  • Silent Bob from Kingsley, MiDisturbed = Best Mother F***in' band ever!
  • Silent Bob from Kingsley, MiIt is completely obvious that Disturbed is not a Satanic band nor is David Draiman a Satanic person. This song is about the death of his Grandfather and is also a translation of his beliefs on death and faith.
  • Christine from Malta, EuropeHi, was wondering if anyone could help me. Ive been looking for a postal address or email of David Draiman for a long time. Since soon his b'day is coming and we would like to send him our best wishes from Malta. []
  • Rachel from San Antonio, TxI love this song so much; I can listen to it over and over and never get tired of it. Especially the chorus, it kinda gets me every time.
  • Sarah from Richmond, VaI really like the song Preay it reminds me of my mom. The part wheb David goes " Let me enliten you, this is the way I preay " - Sarah Joyner Richmond VA.
  • Sarah from Richmond, VaI loved the band Disturbed since they came out. I really liked the lead singer David Draiman. I used to have an e-mail address that said, but my sister Asyley found it and deleted it I really dont know why. My faviort song is Stupify and Preay. I still have all of their cds that came out like " The Sickness ", " Belive ", and " Ten Thousand Fists ". I wish I could meet the lead singer so bad. What I find funny is that my oldest brother Stephen he sounds like David when he sings. Anyway my brother Stephen loves the band Disturbed too. Ive been raised by boys manly because I hang around them most of the time. My mom Amber died on August 22, 2005 Ireally miss her too. It was a few weeks after my birthday when I turned 14. Well I will write back some other time. - Sarah Joyner
  • Frank from Queens/newyork, Flwhy am I from queens/NewYork Florida?hahahahahaI LOVE DRAGONBALLZ!!!!!!!!!!
  • Frank from Queens/newyork, FlI love disturbed there the best band in the universe and i know there not satanic in any way,shape,or form.yea they have some curse words but thats no worshiping satan!
  • J from Norfolk, Vai really hope this band isnt satanic cause i really like their music,i like how this song relates to exactly how i feel when my family members die,sometimes even when they dont.
  • Tom from Chicago, IlThe cover art of believe is meant to symbolize that although many world religions differ, there are many things that they have in common. Rather than dwell on the differences, focus on the similiarities. As for the song "Prayer", if you read between the lines, you'll discover that it contains the message of no matter what is thrown at you by people or by a higher power, you have the strength as an individual person to get thru it. It becomes a testmant of your faith. David is an articulitive genius.
  • Evan from , TxThis song is inspired by a couple of things, the death of his grandfather being the most significant. Also, if you watch the CD's video, he explains that "After 9-11 we all need something to believe in" so that inspired it, and other people have already explained what he is talking about.
  • Yahaira from Denver, Comy name is yahaira and this song for me is a very good song this song is about life and when ever im going thruogh a hard time this song helps me go on with my life its a very great songthis is the 1st song ive ever heard from them and i love it
  • Eric from Marion, IaOkay, someone said something about Disturbed being a satanic band. They're not, seriously - David Draiman's Jewish. Someone said something about the cover art being Satanic, which a pentagram and devil horns. Look more closely, it's several shapes. The Islamic crescent (the "devil horns"), there's also a Star of David (the Jewish symbol), and finally, a point-up pentagram. Point-up pentagrams are synonymous with the Hebrew word for "Jesus", and were actually used as a Christian symbol prior to the cross. Satanic cults and Satanists use the point-down pentagram, which overlays perfectly with the baphomet. On a much more focused note, I belive this song is about Draiman's anguish over his grandfather's demise. His grandfather was angry that Draiman became a rock star, and I suspect that maybe Draiman wishes he could have been closer to the man in his later years, and is angry that he has no chance to fix things.
  • Liz from Petersburg, VaI can't speak for the others, but I read an article about David. He didn't rebel against Christianity, he rebelled against the fact that he wasn't allowed to go to movies, read books, hang out with girls, or read magazines, things, he said, a normal kid would do. He felt like he was being suffocated.
  • Rony from Houston, TxThese guys are mormon. They did rebel against christianity as teens (as a lot of teens do), but they came back to God as mormons. Betchya you didn't know that!

    Also, my dad thinks they are satanic due to the pentacle, star of david, and the devil horns coming out of the top of the circle.
  • Matt from Gueydan, LaWell I can't really say any thing about this song except that it rocks hard and I love it, no matter what the meaning is behind it.
  • Matt from Stilwater, MnActually, yeah the cover of believe, which is a part that might explain possibly why people think that they are stanic, but they are not, it is just the symbols of different symbols, and it also explains why the album is titled believe.
  • Matt from Stilwater, MnOMFG!!! the point of this song is honestly not satanic! it is explaining how bad the world looks, you know, and the fact of the priest guy, is to show that people might complain, or be against other people who have different religions
  • Nate from Chicago, Ilim sittin here listening to Prayer and viewing the lyrics and i have to say disturbed is a bunch of real dEEp guys. when he says "burn me alive inside livin my lifes not hard enough" i think he is sayin to the big G-O-D to burn him from the inside with GOD'S love. livin my lifes not hard enough (maybe he is sayin it sarcastically?) like he is goin through a tough time in his life right now and he needs gods helping hand. and by the way DISTURBED IS NOT A SATANIC BAND!!!! it may sound kinda weird hearin it blarin through your speakers but just think really hard when u listen to it next time to what they r sayin. rock on
  • Guy from San Jose, CaThe verses are Satan talking to him (David Draiman). The chorus is how David prays to God. He sees so much suffering in the world that he prays that God destroy the world to end the suffering. This is a sentiment shared by many christians. Watch a couple of documentaries on infanticide in China, genocide in Sudan, and child rape and sex slavery in Thailand and then watch the "Prayer" music video. It should make more sense then.
  • Chris from Boston, MaI don't believe the song is satanic, as there's no clear worship of Satan. I do believe the song is about an abandonment of God. He aknowledges that God exists, but the song is about how hard his life is. "Living just isn't hard enough". I believe "Burn me alive inside!" and "Take Everything Away!" symbolize his abandonment of God, as he believes God abandoned him. They are sarcastic remarks stating that he'll get by on his own, and that his life couldn't be worse.
  • Kenny from Bournemouth, EnglandI duno what to think about this song. It's good, but is it Satanic....? Seems as if it could be
  • Steve from Keene, Nhp.s. i think with the part of the song that says, "Another dream that will never come true
    just to compliment your sorrow.
    Another life that I've taken from you.
    A gift to add on to your pain and suffering.
    Another truth you can never believe has
    crippled you completely.
    All the cries you're beginning to hear,
    trapped in your mind and the sound is deafening." doesnt refer to him saying this, but to how he percieves the attacks of 9/11.

    liner note... the song does have reference to Job and to 9/11. The video was banned for a time from airplay because the media felt the content in it depicted the events of 9/11, which in a way it did. I believe that is what the video in part is meant to symbolize.

  • Steve from Keene, NhIt's spelt Job. Beautiful song, and voice. David is an amazing lyracist. ?I think the trick to getting Disturbed songs is find what you think the song is about. Basically, in most if not all of Disturbeds songs, there are underlying themes and messages. Not subliminal messages persay, but themes to them that allow the audience to fell a connection to the songs, which is the sign of a great songwriter, to be able to connect with listeners. None of us can say exactly what the beliefs of the band are, but that is the essence of music, to find what it means to you, and hold it close. That is why i love bands such as Disturbed who can make you feel as if you have known them your whole life, or as if they are a missing peice of yourself: explaining how you feel in music, if you yourself connat express it.
  • Max from New York, NyYour close man, true thats what the album cover is about, the mixture of the religious icons, but the song Prayer itself, Draeman said in the same interview your referencing I think, David says he's comparing himself to the prophet Job.
  • Mike from Dayton, OhThis entire CD was based on the death of his grandfather, the makor male influence in his life. His grandfather survived the Holocaust. Listen to the lyrics closely...many of the lyrics sound like they are based on it.
  • Cody from Houston, AkMy parents believe Draiman is Satanist due to this song. I think it's because of the chorus, "Let me enlighten you/this is the way I pray! Living my life's not hard enought/burn me alive inside/...take everything away"
  • Keith from Chicago, IlThis song was also influenced by 9/11. If you have the CD, there's an enhanced CD part, and it had a very small making of the video before the video, and David talks about how 9/11 influenced it too.
  • Michael from Chino, CaExcellent Song. The chorus really echoes Job's feeling of torment. A good line to compare with his thoughts is from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody: "Mama, I don't wanna die/I sometimes wish I'd neve been born at all!"
  • David from Richmond, Vabook of Job. not pronounced job like work.
  • Bruce from Springfield, VaThis song definately has a religous background, like most Disturbed songs. The song talks about the book of Joeb(not sure if that's the right spelling)"Living my life's not hard enough/Burn me alive inside."
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Rockers, rappers and pop stars have been known to quote the Bible in their songs. See if you match the artist to the biblical lyric.

Psychedelic Lyrics

Psychedelic LyricsMusic Quiz

Whoa man! Do you know which band came up with these cosmic lyrics?

Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, Rainbow)

Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, Rainbow)Songwriter Interviews

Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai were two of Graham's co-writers for some '80s rock classics.

Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica)

Jason Newsted (ex-Metallica)Songwriter Interviews

The former Metallica bassist talks about his first time writing a song with James Hetfield, and how a hand-me-down iPad has changed his songwriting.