Album: The Sickness (2000)
Charted: 52
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  • The words in the song are an interpretation of what might be heard in the mind of a psycho. The voice is telling the person to kill other people and then to kill himself. The person has no control over himself. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • This is a commentary on how some people blame rock music on suicides and murders - it keeps emphasizing how you will die when you listen to it. The low voice implies a subliminal message similar to the Judas Priest song "Better By You Better Than Me," which was the subject of a lawsuit in 1985: After a Nevada teenager killed himself, his mother claimed the Judas Priest song contained messages compelling him to "Do It." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Chas - Webster, NY
  • This is the third single from Disturbed's debut album, following "Stupify" and "Down With The Sickness." In the US, it peaked at #16 on the Mainstream Rock chart and #18 on the Modern Rock chart.
  • The music video opens with a young cubicle-dweller entering a crowded elevator in his office building while listening to "Stupify" on his Walkman. He keeps listening to Disturbed throughout his boring workday and imagines scenarios where he takes revenge on his inconsiderate coworkers and overbearing boss. Thankfully, he gets a chance to escape from the office to watch the band perform.

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjThis is the song that got me into Disturbed.
  • Casey from Glendale, AzWhen I first heard the part where he sings "Insane, you're gonna die when you listen to me" I thought he said "N'Sync, you're gonna die when you listen to me"..lol. It would have been funnier if he really did sing that...although it would totally change the meaning of the song.
  • Jerry from Anaheim, CaThis is definitely one of those songs to get something out of your system lol...
    Just the music alone is like that...
    Plus the dark themes encourage that xD
    Disturbed is good at therapeutic dark songs, aren't they :D

    Altho I find this a bit sarcastically critical, like almost satirizing how ridiculous it is that people accuse rock songs of subliminal messages, while at the same time it almost seems like they did it JUST to BUG the people who think so xD
    I love it.
    Total rebels, aren't they?

    Well whatever the purpose of the song, I love it to death, Disturbed is AWESOME :D
  • Dylan from Euclid, Ohi think that disturbed is metal mixed with tecno, so its mecnotal! :D
  • Dylan from Toronto, OnI listen to this to pump me up for hockey or for when I am mad at someone.

    Disturbed all the way

    9 out of 10!:)
  • Corey from Richmond, VaLove this song! I listen to it when people at school tick me off or I'm really angry.
  • George from Jackson, Njthis song is about a man who suffers from scitzophrenia, i have this disorder and at its peak i felt exactly like the guy he describes in this song. The voice is not recognised as a voice inside your head, but another person or personality that has ben created as a protector that makes u dangerous after a life of being mistreated and walked on. hearing the voice puts u in a very dangerous suicidal and homacidal trans. the voice gets worse and worse and transes come more often and u feel like if u'r one with the voice everything will go right, makes some sense seeing as how people stop messing with u when they know ur psycotic. this song shakes me to the core when i hear it and it remindes me of a time in my life where i went crazy. i could here the voice, but i didnt want to listen, but somehow was compelled to follow the voice. Although the cause of this disorder is unknown, its always linked to bottled up stress. some theories however claim its hereditary or drug induced. Mine may have ben drug induced considering i am an alcohalic and binge drinking can cause a zinc deficiency leaving your brain exposed to free radical damage. Before i went to the doctor i went to my pastor because i thought i was possesed by the devil. i finally went to a doctor after trying to kill myself, i took an antipsycotic and everything went back to normal in about an hour. Anyway i think the lead singer might have suffered from the same disorder because most of the song is the voice and only certain parts are actually him. The voice is as real as tyler derdin in fight club.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjMetal is metal, rock is rock, and music is music. We have thrash metal, nu metal, death metal, we have grunge, punk and funk. I like all kinds of bands from Slayer and Megadeth to Disturbed and Godsmack, and even Nirvana or Green Day. Rock music and music general has alot to offer and that's why we love it so much. Instead of putting each other down, we should be sticking together becuase we have one thing in common: our love of music. Peace.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandSteve, Keene, NH - Slayer don't have bass drum rolls in EVERY song, the vast majority of them have blast beats (Raining Blood, Hell Awaits, War Ensemble) or double bass rolls in just the choruses (South Of Heaven, Dead Skin Mask) or even none at all (Ghosts Of War) and they STILL continue to have more integrity and anger than most of the nu-metal bands out there. Maybe instead of you telling me to calm myself you should check your facts.

    Also, Iron Maiden and Dio aren't metal with music are they!?
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandChas, Webster - Judas Priest didn't even write 'Better By You, Better Than Me' it was written by the band Spooky Tooth in 1969, on their album Spooky Two and if you watch the documentary on this case, Rob Halford himself tells the courtroom this and the case gets laughed out of court.
  • Tim from Los Angeles, CaThis song (to me) is about temptation that people face everyday. I thought this when I heard the quiet voice in the song that "Can you imagine how good going through this will make you feel? I promise no one will every know. There is no chance of you getting caught. They never loved you anyway. So come on be a man and do what you're compelled to do. SAVE ME GOD!" It's what you do when nobody's looking...That's between you and God.
  • Tristan from Omaha, Nemy favorite lines are "so are you breathin now now" and i like how it the song is put together
  • Anthony from Beverly, NjThis is a great band but you should be shot if you never listened to Children of Bodom, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Audio Slave, or Rage Against the Machine. Please learn your music
  • Steve from Keene, Nhluke, calm yourself. i respect slayer, and most of the metal genre but it is to the point were it has become all screams and bass drum rolls, not much music. "Down With The Sickness" is a good way to vent. i still respect metal, but please could they try and incorperate more music into it?
  • Chris from Tampa, FlI truly belive this song is based on a movie called "The Ugly", it is about a serial killer named Simon who was once nearly killed and is now haunted by "the wicked" (basically homicidal ghosts) that convince him to kill people. They toment him by talking to him so much that he finally breaks. All his victims see the Wicked just as they are about to die hence the line in the song "do the wicked see you". The song follows the movie perfectly.
  • Vince from Philiadelphia, PaI can realy relate to this song. Its about being pushed around and steped on by everybody. At first you let it go. Then you grieve. Then your voice of wisedom steps in and gives you advice. He realy cares about you and makes sure your breating. You realize that the world is wicked and when they see you are good the attack you. No one is an exeption. You have no choice than to stay clean and exterminate everyone.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandOk kids, angry albums... Listen to Slayer for anger or Downset... Stop listening to nu metal when your mommies tell you to tidy up.
  • Maureen from Prospect, VaThis is a great song and I think that it explains alot of people that our in our world today, CRAZY. This is a great song for anytime, and I really like the beginning. :)
  • Jill from Charleston, Ilomg sorry! triple post! :X LOL
  • Jill from Charleston, IlYep I agree, thats an album I listen to when I;m angry.
  • Jill from Charleston, Ilyeah thats my 'angry' album too I have listened to it in a LONG time, but a really good album though (imo)
  • Chas from Webster, NyWhen I have a bad day and have to release, I listen to barry white ;)
  • Glenn from Mildenhall, EnglandGreat song, even if a bit demented. "Down With the Sickness" is my angry album. It goes in when I've had a bad day and I just want to release.
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