The Long Way Around

Album: Taking The Long Way (2006)


  • This song goes off on several different tangents about the band's philosophies and history. The "Pink RV with stars on the ceiling" is the RV that the band first toured in. The song also makes reference to the fallout that occurred after lead singer Natalie Maines made a comment about President Bush at a concert in London. >>
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  • In a publicity release, Emily Robison said of this song: "That's a journey song, about the different stages in our lives. A recap of where we've been, where we're going - and it was nice to remind ourselves of all that." Natalie Maines added: "We've always written songs that are about other people. It's so much harder to put yourself out there and be honest with your emotions and your beliefs, but the songs are so much better and mean so much more when you can let yourself be vulnerable."
  • The Dixie Chicks had some high-powered help with this song: The track was produced by Rick Rubin, and written by the Chicks along with Linda Perry and Dan Wilson. Perry was in the group 4 Non Blondes before writing hits for Pink and Christina Aguilera; Wilson is a member of the group Semisonic. He also co-wrote "Not Ready To Make Nice."
  • Dixie Chicks member Martie Maguire revealed on their Storytellers DVD that this was actually a much longer song at the beginning and there originally several pages of lyrics for it. They edited the tune down in a similar way to how Loretta Lynn cut out several verses from her original draft for her 1969 autobiographical song, "Coal Miners' Daughter."
  • Maguire recalled how some counsel from producer Rick Rubin helped the trio pen this tune. "We were diving into our beginnings as a band - riding around in a RV, That song takes you on a journey from our inception," she recalled. "There was a lot to say. It was a long journey. We like to write songs about a specific person or a specific something that happened to us. I think a lot of writers like to do that. Rick Rubin always told us to 'Write about you or people will know it's not personal, and they won't feel an attachment to it.' I always felt he was really wise with that piece of advice."

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  • Lorin Taylor from Norco, CaI'm so glad I finally looked this up. Been singing this song top of my lungs for years now and every time I sing six strong hands on the steering wheel I think I need to look into that. Now I feel a little silly bcuz it makes obvious sense. Duh! Another great job ladies. Thx
  • Valerie from None Of Ur Buisness!!, Bci kinda like this song... and Mackenzie, thats kinda interesting... =) =)
  • Mackenzie from Vacaville, CaThere are two references I noticed from other songs:
    "I've been long time gone now" and "it's been two long years now since the top of the world came crashing down"
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