In the Meantime

Album: Better Day (2011)
  • This song finds Dolly singing about people who are worried about the end of the world. She discussed the song with The Boot: "'In the Meantime' talks about all these doomsday sayers telling you that the world is going to end today, tomorrow, next year or the 12th of May next year... because somebody's calendar has run out or somebody has some proof somewhere. The song is about the fact that only God knows when the end is coming. That's what the scripture says: not anyone else but God. People just run around so terrified about all the aliens and earthquakes and things going on that people actually forget to live in the moment. What about now? What about just thinking about life and living? We are so consumed with fear that the joy of living is lost. What are we going to do in the meantime? Think about loving one another. Think about making changes. Try to do a little better, try to make friends and try to be a little more forgiving. Just make the most of now because when and if it does come, you'll be a little more prepared. You won't have to make so many excuses to God."
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