For My Wedding

Album: Inside Job (2000)
  • This was written by Larry John McNally, who also wrote "I Love To Watch a Woman Dance ", which was covered by the Eagles on their 2007 comeback album Long Road Out of Eden.
  • On his website, Larry John McNally gives the background to this song: "In April of 1998 I played an in-the-round show at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville with a few songwriter friends including Jude Johnstone, an old friend from Maine. She recorded the gig and so loved this song that she passed it along to Don Henley, who at the time had recorded one of her songs. A month or so later I got a call from Don saying he would like to record it. Several years passed and it finally was released in June of 2000. He did a beautiful job - true to the sprit of the song, although I think my favorite version of him singing it is from his VH1 Storytellers performance. Beautifully emotional and unstudied. I had recorded it for my album with a small string arrangement by Larry Campbell (from Bob Dylan's band) but we left it stripped down on the final mix."


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