Kingdom of Rust

Album: Kingdom of Rust (2009)
Charted: 28


  • Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers assisted on this song. The electronic musician later referred to it as "a Lancashire spaghetti western." Singer Jimi Goodwin explained to BBC's The Music Week: "Tom Rowlands from the Chemical Brothers was involved from early on in an arrangement capacity. We just wanted to try working with him and it ended up he helped us nip and tuck, it were him who coined it and we just loved that phrase."
  • Drowned In Sound asked Jez Williams (guitarist) and his brother Andy (drums) about the significance of the ashes being scattered in the music video. Jez replied: "The video was solely down to the director, China Moo-Young. We weren't actually there on the day it was filmed!" Andy added: "I don't know to be honest, but I think she did a great job. It was just meant to be about being constantly on the move and it mentions Preston and Blackpool in there...I'm not sure about the ashes though... probably a collection of heavily smoked Marlboro Lights!"
  • Frontman Jimi Goodwin said to Billboard magazine, that this song had "a country-ish shuffle beat. It's really expansive with a wistful melody. It's quite emotional."
  • The Doves told the NME April 11, 2009: "It started off as this moody, Johnny Cash-esque idea, but now it's almost three songs. There's the country vibe, a '60s filmic thing for the chorus and a loud bit."
  • The Doves teamed up with long time Doves collaborator Dan Austin to co produce all but two tracks of the Kingdom of Rust album. For "10.03" and "Winter Hill," the group drafted in producer John Leckie (Stone Roses, Radiohead, The Verve).
  • Kingdom of Rust was denied a top spot on the UK album chart by Lady Gaga's The Fame. It fell short by the tiny margin of four copies, the closest ever contested battle for a #1.

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  • Thomas from Bolton, United KingdomAw, I'm a bit disappointed that they had no input on the video. Despite the director being from London, It felt like the videos style was concocted by someone with Lancashire blood running through their veins. She did a stand up job telling that story.
  • Ernie from Guadalajara, MexicoKingdom of rust appears at minute 46 in Zombieland, just when they enter to Los Angeles.
    It shocked me since the first time I heard it. It sounded country, western, alternative rock, melancholic...
    What a wonderful song!
  • Margy from Alameda, CaIt was near the beginning of Zombieland and just using the song made me love the Movie more.
    The Doves get deeper, the more you listen, the more you hear.
  • Cal from London, United KingdomI'm Surprised that nobody has even mentioned the fact that this song was featured in the action/ horror/comedy/zombie movie Zombieland that came out on October 2, 2009. I don't remember what scene(s) were playing when this was on (in the background so as not to drown out the dialoge).
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