Album: Shame, Shame (2010)


  • Lead guitarist Scott McMicken discussed this song with Express Night Out: "I love that song because I love when Toby (Leaman, bass) lets off some of his sensitivity as a songwriter. I love when he stomps his foot and spits it out so to speak. He's a real visceral guy and it's a big part of his personality, and of course as a songwriter you're always - and I know he is all the time - trying to push new areas of your thoughts and feelings a lot, but then there's also the guttural part of yourself that knows exactly what you want to say every second of the day. To me it's one of those sorts of expressions for Toby. He used to write songs like that all the time and as you progress as a songwriter you try to advance your ideas and your expression a little farther, but sometimes punch in the gut songs like that are the best."


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