Album: single release only (2010)
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  • This cut featuring rapper Snoop Dogg and R&B singer Akon was leaked onto the internet on November 16, 2010. The song was Dr. Dre's first solo single in nine years, his previous release being "Bad Intentions" in November 2001.
  • The song's subject matter is smoking marijuana. "Now that puff puff pass sh-t" declares Dre before Akon sings the chorus and Snoop Dogg spits in his verse, "Kush 'til my mind gone."
  • Dre reluctantly agreed to release this as a single after it leaked into the internet. He told American radio host Big Boy that he was unhappy about the release of the song as it hadn't completed it and he didn't think the track was a fair reflection of the album as a whole. Said Dre: "It's a little bit unfortunate with the technology today. (Kush) got leaked and it was a version of it that I really wasn't happy about, (but) we're going to go ahead and push it and put it out because everybody seems to like it I just thought the content, it's about weed smoking, and I don't want people to think that that's what my album is about. This is actually the only song with that type of content."
  • Kush is a family of potent cannabis strains named for its origins in Hindu Kush, a mountain range in Afghanistan.
  • Snoop said about the collaboration: "Dr Dre, that's my big homeboy, that's my big brother. He gave me my start. so whenever he calls me to come through and do what I need to I'm there for him. Akon's part of the family too so this is what we do, we just make great music."
  • The Joseph Kahn-directed video was shot November 18, 2010 in Downtown LA. 50 Cent, E-40, Roccett, The Menace and Glasses Malone all make cameo apearences in the clip, along with featured artists Snoop Dogg and Akon.
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  • Chris from Norman, OkThis just proves Dr Dre is timeless. Plus snoop.
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