Livin' the Dream

Album: It Feels Good (2015)


  • This Tom Douglas, Jaren Johnston and Luke Laird penned song was released by Drake White as the follow-up single to his debut Top 40 country hit "It Feels Good."

    "'Livin' the Dream' is a reminder of how blessed we all are, even though, especially times like now, it may feel like our world is falling apart," White said, "and so, if we can help remind folks to celebrate the little moments, celebrate life, love and music, then it really does feel like we're at least attempting to live up to our objectives musically."

    "In the past, music has not only been my vehicle for escape but also for unification," he continued, "and with this subtle reminder, we're hoping to give audiences reprieve, if even for three minutes and 11 seconds."
  • Drake White released a lyric video which was shot on his 5-acre farm, just north of Nashville. The clip stars the singer, his wife Alex and his dogs. "I've got a little pond on the property. Got some dogs," White told Rare Country. "That's kind of my happy spot. That's where I go to chill out and relax."

    We see White cutting his own fire wood, which leads to another one of his favorite pastimes - building bonfires. "I am a strong advocate for a good fire. I love a good fire and sitting around it. There's a magic that can be sucked out of you around a fire," he explained. "You know, a man who cuts his own wood gets warmed by it twice."
  • The song finds a struggling couple battling a "world of broken promises and empty gas tanks," but finding solace in the adoring relationship they have at home. "It's not all sunshine and rainbows," White told Billboard magazine. "This song does have a realistic point to it that there are bad things going on out there, but at the end of the day, it's that tough stuff that makes the good stuff good."
  • The song focuses on the redemptive process of staying positive and getting up when things go wrong. "There's going to be bad stuff, a few bad bumps in the road, that make the good the good," White told The Boot. "It does talk about some problems and that people say that we might not make it, but let's just hold in there, because the longer that you hold in there, the tougher your skin gets, and the tougher your relationships get."

    "'Livin' the Dream' is what I think the world needs to hear right now," he continued. "There's so much negative out there, but at the end of the day, if you keep it straight between your ears and cling to the people you love and be kind to them and live by the Golden Rule, then you're good."
  • The PR Brown-directed video was shot from the perspective of White's dog, Writer. We see life for the singer and his wife, Alex, through the pooch's eyes. "I loved being able to spend the day with my partners in crime - Alex and Writer," White said. "We love spending time together outdoors, so I couldn't have asked for a more perfect shoot or example of 'Livin' the Dream.'"


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