Find Your Love

Album: Thank Me Later (2010)
Charted: 24 5
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  • This is the second single from Canadian Hip-Hop artist Drake's debut album, Thank Me Later. The track was produced by Kanye West and features Drake singing about rescuing a relationship. Drake previously worked with the Gold Digger artist on the all star MC gathering "Forever," and West directed the video for "Best I Ever Had."
  • In an interview with MTV News, Drake said he hopes men will understand the song stating: "I look for love in the wrong people. It just always seem like the women I find are poison for me. I love women that can just walk into a room and stop the whole area. And I think that those initial qualities always end up getting me hurt, which is a crazy thing for a guy to say. 'Find Your Love' is an extremely vulnerable song. And it's actually a huge risk. It almost feels like the song should be performed by a woman. I'm just hoping that men really hear the song and they're honest with themselves. I know a lot of men feel that way."
  • The music video, which is a story of forbidden love and betrayal, was shot in Kingston, Jamaica during the week of April 12, 2010. It was helmed by Anthony Mandler, director of the "Over" clip. The video features dancehall artist Mavado as the gang leader, and Drake's real life squeeze, professional model Maliah Michel, plays the leading lady. Drake told MTV News: "We went to Kingston. We went to this 'hood. They call it the 'gully' side. It's bad out there, real bad. They had 'Young Money' sprayed on the gates, 'Drake and Wayne,' 'cause I came to shoot the video out there. I'm talking about you drive by people's homes, they had 'Drake,' 'Young Money,' 'Drake, Welcome Here,' 'Drake We Love You' - crazy sh--, man. It was so crazy. This dude was like, 'Original Weezy tha God! You tha boss! Weezy tha God!' It's crazy. They love us, 'cause we show love out there."
  • The video elicited a response from Jamaica's official Minister of Tourism, who said: "Care has to be taken by all, including our creative artistes, in portraying images of our destination and people. Gun culture, while not unique to Jamaica, is not enhancing [the island's image]."
  • The song was originally written by Kanye West, Jeff Bhasker and No.I.D. for Rihanna. Drake came by the studio, heard Rihanna's version, and asked the Bajan songstress if he could use the beat for his own record.

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  • Isaac Adugbo from NigeriaMr drake your song moves me anytime I listen to it, I want you to know that am your number one fance
  • James from Oklahoma , Falkland IslandsI love all the Comments so Much.
  • Lateesha from Long Island, NyI love this song by drake its amazing his voice is just beautiful i cant get over this song :)and i agree wit yu Jay lol
  • Jay from Indianapolis, InTo the person below me, maybe you should stick to SCHOOL and learn how to spell. Drake "raps". He doesn't rape.
  • Ivy from Springfield, Nenot a very good drake song. he should ditch singing and stick to rapin
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