Drowning Pool

Dave WilliamsVocals1999-2002
C.J. PierceGuitar
Steve BentonBass
Mike LuceDrums
Jason JonesVocals2003-2005
Ryan McCombsVocals2005-2011
Jasen MorenoVocals2012-

Drowning Pool Artistfacts

  • Got their name from the movie The Drowning Pool, starring Paul Newman. It was playing on TV when Benton lost his virginity. He was 16, and his parents were away on vacation.
  • From Dallas, Texas. Luce and Pierce moved there from New Orleans to start a band.
  • Played the 2001 Ozzfest tour. They started as a third stage act, but quickly moved up to the second, and got to play some shows on the first stage. The exposure was key to their success.
  • Williams had the word "Sinner" tatooed on his left arm. That became the name of their first album.

Comments: 5

  • John from Mobile, AlaOne of my friends with his messed up state of mind took a video of 9/11 and played bodies in the background. It was so screwed up it was kinda funny
  • Farrah from Bucyrus, OhMY brother said that after singer Dave Williams passed away, the guys in Drowning Pool almost passed on Jason Jones cuz he sounded to much like Dave, and he reminded them of him.I don't know if that is true or not, its just what my brother said.
  • Jessica from Duluth, MnI realy used to like when my brother Randy used to play his Drouning Pool c.d. but when he stopped, I was alwase trying to request it on some radio station, but I stopped doing that. Now whenever I get nervous about some test, or if I'm just plain out bored, I just take(secretly,) one of my brothers Crow c.d.'s ,and listen to that.
  • Chris from Andover, MnDrowning Pool had been out of the rock scene for quite awhile after the death of frontman Dave Williams. Earlier this year, Drowning Pool released their newest album, "Desensitized" with new frontman Jason "Gong" Jones.
  • Wes from Lubbock, TxSinger Dave Williams from Drowning Pool passed away on August 14th, 2002. Results of the autopsy were inconclusive. Sinner, is Drowning Pool's major laber debut, they did have at least one independant release before that. His nickname "Stage" was given to him by Dimebag Darrel of Pantera. He was also refered to as"the Mayor" during Ozzfest 2002 due to his good nature and ability to get along with everyone. Even though radio stations rested the song "Bodies" for a few weeks after the 911 attacks, it's appeal was so strong it reemerged to become an even bigger hit on the charts.
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