Love Again

Album: Future Nostalgia (2020)
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  • Here, Dua Lipa sings about being unexpectedly swept off her feet.

    I never thought that I would find a way out
    I never thought I'd hear my heart beat so loud
    I can't believe there's something left in my chest anymore
    But goddamn, you got me in love again

    After going through a toxic relationship, Lipa had given up on love, but now she's found somebody she can love again.
  • Dua Lipa explained during an episode of the Netflix series Song Exploder that at the time she wrote the track, she was in a long-term relationship with a man who was being dishonest with her. Her inspiration was, "I need to be released from this."
  • The song samples "My Woman" by Lew Stone & The Monseigneur Band and Al Bowlly, which Bing Crosby co-wrote and originally recorded. White Town famously sampled its trumpet instrumental in his 1997 hit "Your Woman." Both "Love Again" and "Your Woman" share the theme of an unhappy relationship and breakup.
  • White Town is Jyoti Mishra. He told Billboard Lipa's use of the sample doubles down the motif of nostalgia on her album. "[Sometimes] when you use an old sample, it has these associations which make you think about time gone past," he said. "I think there's magic in old samples. Even though 'Love Again' is a brand new song, it's got this level of nostalgia in it."
  • Lipa wrote the song with Clarence Coffee Jr. of The Monsters and The Strangerz production team, and with the British singer-songwriter Chelcee Grimes.

    I can't believe, I can't believe
    I finally found someone
    I'll sink my teeth in disbelief
    'Cause you're the one that I want

    Chelcee Grimes fought to take out the "sink my teeth in disbelief" line, but Lipa stood firm. "'Love Again' is a testament to the fight and fire that I feel like I had," she said, "and needed to be found again."
  • Stephen "Koz" Kozmeniuk and Stuart Price produced the track along with Lipa's vocal producer Lorna Blackwood. Koz and Price also worked together on another Future Nostalgia song, "Levitating."
  • Koz told Song Exploder they conceived the song after an unfruitful spell in the studio when everyone was feeling the pressure. Eventually, they came up with this track, and the "Love Again" sample was added late in the process.
  • Dua Lipa told Apple Music she wrote the song at a time when the light had gone out from her relationship. "It was a song for me, to give myself a little cuddle, and was about being hopeful that I would fall in love again," she explained.
  • After Koz added the strings played by his neighbor, Drew Jurecka, the collaborators still felt there was something missing. It was then that Clarence Coffee Jr. had the idea of adding the Al Bowilly sample. "That really gave the song the push it needed, because we definitely needed a more dancey element," said Lipa.
  • Lipa included a remix by Horse Meat Disco on her and The Blessed Madonna's 2020 remix album Club Future Nostalgia.
  • Nabil Elderkin directed the music video, which shows Lipa in the Wild West as she dons rodeo gear and rides a mechanical bull. There's also square dancing and line dancing with cowboys and lassoing clowns. According to Lipa, they shot the clip amid the preparations for her Brits performance. She learned the choreography in 45 minutes and "kept adding outfits mid shoot but we did the damn thaaaang!!"


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