Hole In The World

Album: The Very Best Of The Eagles (2003)
Charted: 69 69
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  • The Eagles wrote this after a tour in Europe. They started the composition around September 11, 2001. The message is that love is the ultimate savior in a world damaged and corrupted by evil and hatred. It also conveys parents' dreams and hopes for their children in such a troubled society. >>
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    Jake - New Rochelle, NY
  • Don Henley explained in the liner notes for The Very Best Of The Eagles compilation that he penned on the darkest day in American history: September 11, 2001. "I sat down at the piano in my home studio and started putting some chords with the phrase 'hole in the world,'" he said. "Months went by, but I didn't show it to anybody. Then, other things started happening that gave additional meanings to 'Hole in the World,' particularly after the [Iraqi] war started. The fighting was supposedly over in May, and yet one or two or three of our boys were - and still are - getting killed every day, which means somebody's daddy is not coming home. So that's another 'hole' -- a huge hole in somebody's life - a child, a wife, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister."
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  • Joni from Louisville, Kywhy is Creed's 'With Arms Wide Open' playing on this You Tube video? thought it would 'Hole in the World.'
  • Breanna from Craryville, Nythis song is great i wanted to cry the first time i hared it i listened to the song at least 20 times that day to find a meaning well i kinda thought it was a tragic thing and it sounds as if all your ideas are right thanks for the help
  • Farrah from Elon, NcIt's my favorite Eagles song of all time.
  • Hailey from Madison Heights, VaDon did write this song along with the help of his band mates and it was a tribute to 9/11. it's messege can be read as anyone who can read. the messege is that hope is not destroyed, it is only injured and that we can rse above and be even stronger. and it also teaches love and compassion. it says in the first verse "They say that anger is just love disappointed.
    They say that love is just a state of mind,
    But all this fighting over who will be anointed.
    Oh how can people be so blind" and n the second verse "Oh they tell me there's a place over yonder,
    Cool water running through the burning sand,
    Until we we learn to love one
    Another we never reach the promised land." and all that is being said is that all we need to do is love each other

  • Tj from Woodbridge, Vathat thing up there is wrong. don heley started writing this after he found out what happened on 9/11. and the "dont let there be a hole in the world tomarrow" is telling us to never give up what we have(freedom). and we will NEVER forget.
  • Sara Mackenzie from Middle Of Nowhere, Flit's such a sad, sad song,but it gives hope to a better tomorrow with the notion that love will save us all in a corrupt, hating world.
  • Andy from Chattanooga, TnDon Henley's public comments support Jake's comment. The Eagles, just off a successful tour of Russia and Eastern Europe, were supposed to enter the studio on 9/11/2001. He says that they began writing this song on the evening of that day.
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