Somebody's Gotta Be Country

Album: Yet to be titled (2019)


  • Easton Corbin was raised on his grandparents' Florida farm. This Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson and Rhett Akins-penned song takes him back to his rural roots.

    Somebody's gotta party 'til the stars burn out
    Wear some wore-out boots in this high class crowd
    All my rowdy buddies keep settlin' down
    Somebody's gotta be country in this town

    Even though he didn't write "Somebody's Gotta Be Country," Corbin felt like it was penned about him and as soon as heard the demo he knew it was one he had to record.
  • The ode to country living has a similar theme to Easton Corbin's debut single "A Little More Country Than That."
  • The song's no-frills music video follows Corbin as he spends a day on a farm. The location is one that he spends a lot of time at, and the singer just spent the day doing what he normally does there.

    The clip was filmed with no stylist. Corbin and the crew just used whatever he had in the back of his truck. "I thought it was important for me to just be myself and to authentically capture my lifestyle, which is also so much a part of the song," he told People.
  • The song was released independently on January 25, 2019 after Mercury Nashville terminated Corbin from the label in February 2018.


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