Over My Head

Album: Inside a Dream (2018)


  • This downtempo pop song finds Sydney Sierota chronicling her frustration over someone whose communications towards her are going over her head. The lyrics represent a departure from Echosmith's more usual upbeat material. Vocalist Sydney Sierota told Billboard.

    "It was interesting to do a song that was a lot more honest about feeling you get when you're...not so excited about life."
  • The lyrics can relate to different situations, depending on how the Echosmith frontwoman feels in the moment when she steps onstage. "Certain days, it feels like it's more about a friend, or it's more about my boyfriend, or it's about one of my brothers," Sydney explained. "But it's just about miscommunication and misunderstandings, which happens in every type of relationship, no matter how hard you try."
  • Musically, Sydney considers the synth-driven song to be a progression as well. "It's still Echosmith at the core - there are still real drums, real bass, the same girl singing - but I do feel like it sounds older," she said. "We are five or six years older than we were when we recorded our first album, so naturally, there are a lot of changes that happen."


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