Good Times

Album: Picture Perfect Morning (1994)
Charted: 40 60


  • After two albums with Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians, Brickell married Paul Simon and started a family. In 1994, she released her first solo album, Picture Perfect Morning. "Good Times" was released as a single and became a her only chart entry outside of New Bohemians, going to #60 in the US. Over the next decades, Brickell continued to record both as a solo artist and with New Bohemians, and embarked on many other projects as well, including collaborations with Steve Martin and Willie Nelson.
  • This easygoing song has a simple, repetitive chorus line that sticks in your head:

    Good times, bad times gimme some of that

    It evokes cruising on a summer day, especially with the lines:

    Go out drivin' with my friends
    In bobby's big old beat up car

    In the video, Brickell sings it from a sidewalk as cars go by.
  • Soul singer Barry White, known for his deep voice and sensual songs, provided the sexy interlude. The album is chock-full of special guests including Dr. John, Michael Brecker, Steve Gadd, Jerry Douglas, and Art and Cyril Neville. It was produced by Paul Simon along with Roy Halee, who worked on Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water album.

    Simon, 26 years older than Brickell, taught her a lot about music during this time, but later, it was often the other way around. In 2021, when Songfacts asked if he gives her constructive criticism, she replied: "No, but I give it to him, thank you very much."
  • Many know this song from the Microsoft Windows 95 installation CD-ROM that included the video as part of some multimedia samples. It seems quaint now, but being able to watch a music video on a computer was a big deal in 1995, even if it was confined to a tiny box on the screen.

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  • Jim from Sf (bay Area), CaLooooooove Edie Brickell! Her new CD with The "Gaddabouts" comes out in January 2011.
  • Frank from Brampton, Ontario, CanadaThis is a very nice melodic tune. Edie has quite the talented voice, not only this one but any of her songs with the New Bohemians.

    But.... anyways.... I'm not sure what the song is about but I like it nonetheless.
  • Dave Malkoff from San Francisco, CaVideo was featured on the original Windows95 CD-ROM. Microsoft wanted to show it's new video playing technology. The other featured song was Buddy Holly by Weazer.
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