Bangla Desh

Album: Concert for Bangla Desh (1971)
Charted: 10 23
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  • This describes the plight of refugees in Bangladesh at the time of its release. Harrison organized a concert to help, which became the first big charity concert.
  • Released six months before the rest of the album.
  • The IRS audited The Beatles' Apple Records during the '70s, which prevented a lot of money that was raised from getting to Bangladesh. $2 million was sent through UNICEF in 1972 before the audit, $8.8 million was finally sent in 1981.
  • The album won the Album of the Year Grammy for 1971.
  • There is a documentary film of the event, which includes guest stars like Eric Clapton, Leon Russell, Bob Dylan, and Ringo Starr.
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Comments: 7

  • Joe from New York, NyI actually met George Harrison a few days after The Concert For Bangle Desh in August of 1971.That was at the Gramarcy Park Hotel on 23rd street and Lexington avenue in Manhattan,NYC. I must tell you the story....Leon Russell was "dating" my sister Boe and we 3 were staying at the hotel when one Saturday afternoon Leon asked Boe and I to please go out for a few hours so that he may have a meeting with George Harrison in the hotel room.So we agreed and off we walked BUT made sure NOT to get on the elevator right away....we hung around on the floor and there it happened the elevvator door opened and off walked Beatle George harrison in full real life color....I had the same length and style hair as George at the time and as he walked off he asked my sister and I "do you know where Leon's room is"....or something like we said yes and poited to his room's door....BUT George did not just split right away he actually paused and spoke with us for awhile....then he walked to Leon's room and knocked....the door opened and right out of a scene from "A Hard Day's Night" George Harrison waved at us and said something like...."see ya kiddies"....WOW what a day....what an afternoon....what a feeling my sister and I had that time....then we went on the elevator and again wated to get another look at the famous Beatle....we sat on the couch in the lobby of the hotel....and in a short while both Leon Russell and George Harrison came off and walked by us....George smiling at us and Leon saying to us come back in a few hours....then they got into a big black limosuine....!.....Joe Nania a.k.a. Hollywood Joe
  • Roger from Wyandotte, MiWhile I would agree with your comments about George, I wouldn’t about John. Remember that John was the leader of The Beatles and already had done much to express himself and wanted to retreat from the public. John has to be considered the Godfather of Rock and Roll and nearly all forms of music since are variations of what he did. Without John you may never have known about George. George still had much to express after the breakup of The Beatles and he did it magnificently.
  • Rick from Belfast, MeGeorge Harrison...always was my fav Beatle.....and to have a concert for the needy(and dying) many of these did the #1 male vocalist do?....talking bout Lennon(whom I dont consider #1 male vocalist)....
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvAwesome song from a great artist what isn't there to love?
  • John from Gadsden, Althat is 1 of the best songs on earth
  • Rob from Leamington, Englandgeorge harrison-biggest legend in music
  • Nader from Durham, NcBeing from Bangladesh, a huge Beatles fan, with Harrison as my favorite...this song is awesome!
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