Album: The Valley (2011)
  • Written by the indie pop group's keyboardist and vocalist Stacy Dupree King, this is the final track on Eisley's third full-length album, The Valley.
  • This song has to do with Sherri Dupree's divorce to Chad Gilbert, lead singer of New Found Glory, through the eyes of her sister Stacy Dupree King. According to Sherri's sisters Chauntelle and Stacy (also in the band Eisley), they had to watch her go through the divorce and supported her. Chauntelle said in a podcast interview, "She didn't really have a choice, she was basically dumped out, left on the side of the road. He said have your stuff out on the side of the street. So, as a family we all went over to her 'big freakin' mansion' that he wasted money on. We packed all her stuff up and we were all crying with her. We all experienced her pain." Stacy added, "Being in the shadow of what was happening, and just how devastating it was to watch her go through that. It was just so unfair." >>
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    Aimee - Harrisonburg, VA
  • Sherri gave an insight into the song's title in an interview with The Sound Alarm: "'Ambulance' is a song about betrayal and heartache and how excruciating the feeling is when you realize the person you gave everything to is leaving and not coming back. You want to know it will be OK but you basically just want to be taken away on a stretcher!"


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