Break it In

Album: Yet to be titled (2019)
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  • This reflective country rocker uses metaphorical lyrics to describe how it takes time, patience and work to get things right. The metaphors they use include a baseball glove (which is "a little snug") and learning to drive your first truck.

    Trucks break down, and first love ends
    Life goes on and the world still spins
    You find out your heart is stronger when
    You break it in

    The band was drawn to the Benjy Davis, Brandon Day, Daniel Ross and Michael Whitworth-penned song because it reflects their own slow growth after forming in 2000. "We definitely didn't just start a band and have instant success. We've continued to build it up over the years - we broke it in. We've been blessed to have had our moments of being able to sit back and soak it all in," the band told ABC Radio. "'Break It In' carries a message you learn with time, and we're so excited for these lyrics to be heard far and wide!"
  • The song was released as the follow up to "Love Ain't," which was only the band's second single to top the airplay chart.

    "We feel like it's one of those kinds of songs where the timing is perfect," frontman Mike Eli told Taste of Country. "'Love Ain't' was kind of the beginning of the next chapter for us, and I think after 20 years of being a band, we're feeling like we're just now kinda getting this thing right."

    Eli added that there is a life lesson in the realization "that you can always grow and you can always get better at what you do. I feel like we're kind of just hitting our stride in a serious way. I think our shows have never been better, our lives have never been better, our positivity has never been better. Everything just feels great, and I think that musically, we're just hitting our stride."

    "That's the theme of 'Break It In,'" he continued. "Sometimes the best things have a few dents and take some time."
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