Crazy Girl

Album: Life at Best (2011)
Charted: 30
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  • Country quartet Eli Young Band formed in 2000 in Denton, Texas, where vocalist Mike Eli and guitarist James Young met as freshman roommates at the University of North Texas. With the addition of drummer Chris Thompson and bassist Jon Jones, the band became local favorites, built a strong fan base through frequent touring and released two independent albums before striking a deal with Universal Music Group. In 2008, they released their major-label debut, Jet Black & Jealous. This sweet country-pop ballad is the lead-off single from their sophomore major label album. The song has been a fan favorite since the group started performing it the summer of 2010 on the big Country Throwdown Tour.
  • The song was written by the Country singer-songwriter Lee Brice when he was in the middle of recording songs for his own record. Jon Jones told The Boot how he persuaded him to let his band have the tune. He explained: "I said, 'Lee, I know you're thinking about putting it on your record, and it's great, but it actually sounds more us than it does you. [laughs] It would be really great if you let us record it.' He's a super nice guy, and he writes a ton of great songs of his own to choose from. He was nice enough to let us record this one, and I think all parties thus far are pretty happy!"
  • Brice wrote the song with Liz Rose, who also has co-penned several of Taylor Swift's hits. Rose told Taste of Country that the idea for the song came after the two began talking about how "females[…] have our crazy moments". She added, regarding the opening stanza, "I know I've had those relationships on both sides, where you wanted to tell somebody[…]'Why don't you just chill? I'm not going anywhere!" Brice paid tribute to his co-writer in the same interview: "The way she writes and the way I like to write, we just kind of dove in," says Brice of writing the 'Crazy Girl' lyrics. "That melody just took us to a place. It was kind of a sensitive kind of song, but it still had this edge to it that was really cool. We just went for it.

    It was one of those days that seems like it just flew by," he continued. "It was just a couple of hours that it took for us to write that song. Sometimes songs that sound that simple, sometimes those are the hardest to write. It wasn't. That one came together really sweet that day. Magic was in the air."
  • Eli Young Band achieved their first chart-topper when the song reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Country Singles chart dated November 19, 2011.
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